Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I think I'm getting hooked!

My alarm went off at 5am this morning. I confess, I hesitated for a minute as a considered the two choices ahead of me, stay in cozy warm bed with cute hubby and cuddly puppy dog, or get up and torture my quads in spinning class. I chose torture quads, and do not regret it.

Spinning is hard, harder than running in my opinion. But somehow it's also really really fun. I mean, I came home hopping around like I'd just drank a red bull or something I was so pumped up after my class. Taber was waiting for me and I was bouncing around telling him how we were simulating this 50 mile race and we were divided into teams and half of us would sprint while they others drafted, then we'd switch, and then we'd climb these crazy hills and at the end of the race people were attacking so we'd stand up and sprint every time someone raised their hand to attack and I mean Wow! I felt like I was really in a race and I was pedaling my guts out so we could get our instructor across the finish line in first place. Burning legs aside, you can't tell me that's not fun!

I have a feeling I'm gonna get hooked on this. There's a couple from my church who were in the class and they are big time bikers. They have the fancy clip on shoes and the biker shorts and they don't mess around in the class. We were chatting afterward and I think they might've convinced me to ask for my own fancy clip on shoes and biker shorts for Christmas! It's funny because last year I asked for some nice running gear for Christmas. I had never run more than 2 miles and I think Taber was a little hesitant to spend the big bucks on shoes and performance gear. One marathon and a handful of other good races later and I think he's glad he bought me that stuff. I'm totally gonna work that angle to convince him about this biking gear. I think this could be the beginning of something totally awesome : )


  1. Wow! What more can I say. I can't even begin to comprehend you :)
    (I would have chosen the cozy warm bed and cute hubby)

  2. I would for sure for sure get the shorts! They will save your booty:) don't have any experiece with shoes and clips but I figure they would be nice. I'm so glad you like spin. I love love mine. Beware though as your waist gets smaller the thighs get bigger:) this is Melinda

  3. Good job dude! I'm proud of you for getting out of bed! Get the shorts! Melinda is will save your booty. The clips scare me a little on a real bike cause I have a hard time getting out of them, but I bet they would be awesome in spin! If you do get awesome at biking, maybe we should sign up for the STP in a year or so!

  4. We were spinning three times a week a while back but haven't gotten back into it lately...It was a great workout though.

    I threw on a full body spandex riding suit as a joke one day in the sporting goods store and walked out of the dressing room and found Pae...She about died laughing...not sure "what" she was laughing at...but lets just say that, whereas, the spandex can look pretty good on a woman...a dude just has too many "bumpy" areas that should probably be kept hidden in the larger folds of non-form fitting shorts! Spandex on a man kinda leaves nothing to the imagination!! eeeeeeeeww!!!

    SO, yeah spandex shorts for you, lovely... Taber on the other hand...

  5. o.k. do you know that i teach cycling down here three times per week? once at the ymca and twice at the community center???? isn't it an awesome workout? and, you MUST get the shoes...check out erics bike shop...i got mine on clearance there a few months ago...i don't know if they have any left or not. i didn't think they would make as big of a difference as they did. i am sad it took me so long to cave and make the purchase. keep it up. you will be amazed at how much of a better runner you will be because you are cross-training with cycling. where are you taking your class? it would be fun to go together sometime!