Monday, July 19, 2010

Keepin' it Real

So I'd like to say that thus far in my pregnancy running is a "blast and it's so great getting out and doing it everyday!" But I'm keeping it real and letting you know that it is NOT a blast, nor am I doing it everyday. I did manage to do it three times last week and that took some pretty major will power. I feel a little pathetic since my baby is only the size of an apple right now and there's women out there with melon sized babies running 10K's and kicking butt! But yeah, it's all I can do to lace up my shoes and crank out three 9:45 to 10 minute miles.

Oh well, some is better than none right? I think it's just hard right now because Taber is training for his half marathon and every Saturday he goes out at 6am with a bunch of our friends he's training with and has, what I imagine to be, a super awesome fabulous long run while I'm stuck at home gestating. I'm trying not to be jealous but darn it, I'm jealous! I wish I was out there with them having a super awesome fabulous long run too!

A time and season for everything I guess. Running will still be there after I have the baby. In the mean time I am really happy that Taber is doing so well with his training and getting some good runs in with great company.

So that is my keeping it real update for tonight. I'll leave you with my Runkeeper Stats from a little 4 miler I did last Thursday. Taber was out of town so I got a babysitter and actually did a nice outdoor run. It was tough, the humidity out here is brutal! But I finished with an average pace of 9:45 so I was happy with that. Here's the run.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Most adorable giveaway ever!

Just entered a giveaway from the failedmuffins blog for this adorable 26.2 pendant! They have them in 13.1 as well. What a great gift for runners, if I don't win I'm still getting one for myself!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Turning a corner...

The last two days in a row I woke up and didn't feel like barfing, which means I think I'm turning a corner and leaving morning sickness behind me! Today I even woke up at 6am to try and beat the heat and get a run in. I didn't get out until 6:30 and by that point it was already 75 degrees and 86% humidity! Not my favorite running conditions but better than what it would've been had I not gotten up early.

The best part was that I got to try running with my new iPhone and use Runkeeper Pro the way it's meant to be used! I had it on my iPod Touch but I had to enter everything manually. Now it's awesome having the GPS track my run and then coming home and seeing the maps with elevation and pace through my whole run. LOVE IT!! Here's a look at my run in case you want to check it out, nothing too impressive but still, fun to see my stats like that : )

Anyway, I'm excited to be feeling a little better and if I can find ways to beat the heat I think I'll be able to get back into a regular running routine. : )

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Maternity Leave

I've been a little absent on this blog lately. I apologize, I guess I was just taking a little maternity leave due to the awful morning sickness I've been experiencing the last few weeks. The good news is, I'm pregnant and 12 weeks along! We're super excited but holy cow! It's really taken it's toll on my ability to run. Before I got pregnant I was reading all these blogs of ladies who ran through their pregnancies. I TOTALLY thought I'd be right there with them, logging at least 9-12 miles a week. (seriously, how hard could that be?) In fact, the first week I found out I was pregnant I was so excited about having a fit pregnancy that I ran every day! I even did a 6 miler that Saturday in 53 minutes. I was feeling good and thinking "Oh yeah, I got this!"

Then week 6 of my pregnancy rolled around and I got steamrolled by the miserable forces of pregnancy nausea and fatigue. I could not for the life of me do anything that resembled exercise. I could barely feed and care for my children, let alone work out! Housework was neglected, dinners consisted of fast food or cold cereal. Things were rough, I'm not gonna lie. I still managed to force myself to run at least once a week (which sounds so pathetic) but really the effort was monumental. So yeah, 12 weeks down and my dream of running through my pregnancy hasn't gotten off to a very good start. In May, the month I found out I was expecting, I ran 55.7 miles. In June, the month morning sickness took over my life, I barely squeezed out 16!! Ugh!

The good news is, I'm heading into my second trimester and starting to feel a lot better. Today I ran 3 miles and even though it was slow for me (29:34) I did it and I didn't feel like barfing afterwards! That gives me hope that I just might be able to get some good consistent running in before I turn ginormous and can't do it anymore. To all you ladies who are running pregnant or who have run pregnant, I salute you! Seriously, I thought you were awesome before but now that I know how hard it is, I'm blown away!

I'll keep you updated on how everything goes. Here's a picture of the little bean and my baby bump, which is more like belly bloat, but whatever, I'm claiming bump! : )

Baby # 3 at 12 weeks

Belly bump at 12 weeks