Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little victories...

When you have 3 kids (and one of them is a newborn) it's the little things that feel like victories.

Today was especially victorious. I got the kids dressed, fixed the girls hair all cute, fed them all a nutritious breakfast, nursed the baby, WORKED OUT! (woot!) TOOK A SHOWER!! (aw yeah!) packed snacks and lunches for everyone, bundled up all three little nuggets, loaded them in the car and got all of us to playgroup by 10:00 AM!!!! Holy cow I felt like a freaking Gladiator!!! I was rocking out in the car all the way to playgroup, seriously can't believe how awesome it felt to get somewhere, ON TIME, with all three kids, and I even showered and looked decent!

Other victories this week:

-My first week on Weightwatchers was a success! I lost 2 lbs and tried out lots of new recipes on my family. Taber ended up losing like 4 lbs thanks to my delicious and nutritious cooking and we all feel better now that we're eating healthier food.

-My foot is slowly but surely starting to feel better. My podiatrist gave me some shoe inserts that I wear at all times, even around the house. I've also been icing it a couple times a day and stretching it as well. I can tell it's making a difference.

-I started working out again! YEAH!! Nothing crazy since I still have foot issues but I did start a little 25 minute strength training DVD and man it feels awesome to sweat again! I can tell I have a long way to go because this DVD used to be ridiculously easy for me and now it kicks my butt! I'm super sore after only doing it for 2 days but I'm excited to get my body moving again.

-Baby is sleeping in 4 hour blocks now so if I go to bed at 11 he only gets up once in the middle of the night. Soooo nice to get longer stretches of sleep in!

-We were able to take a last minute family overnighter to Cape Cod which was tons of fun and a reassurance that we can still be spontaneous even as a family of 5. : )

I'll leave you with a fun past and present photo. After I took the pic with me and Cam on the beach my sister sent me a similar one of my mom and my brother that was taken 32 years ago! Kind of fun.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Time to get my buns in gear...

Sooooo.... After several months of NOT exercising (or blogging about it) I decided it's time to get moving again. My third pregnancy is officially over and even though I gained 43 pounds (behold my giant torpedo belly)

It was worth it to meet this little guy. Say Hello to Mr. Adorable.

He got here almost 4 weeks ago and I have to say, adjusting to 3 kids has been a kick in the pants! There is NEVER any down time. Okay, that's a lie since obviously there's time for me to be blogging right now. But that's only because the girls are plugged into a t.v. show and the baby is sleeping. (Oh and Taber is on paternity leave so yeah, I've got some back up) Seriously though, 3 kids feels like a lot more than 2. Good thing they are so cute.

Back to exercising. Like I mentioned before, I gained 43 lbs with baby Cam, topping the scales at 173 (which is a lot for my 5 ft 2 frame) 4 weeks later I'm down to 156, so 17 lbs down and about 30 more to go. (I'd love to get back to 126ish but I'd be happy to see 130 again)

With the girls I joined Weightwatchers to drop the baby weight since they have a program for nursing mothers. It worked great and I lost all the weight both times by about 4-5 months postpartum. So I'm sticking with what works and will attend my first WW meeting tomorrow night. I'm really excited to get back into good eating habits and eventually back into my regular clothes! (which I know won't be for awhile but still, something to look forward too.)

The only set back is that I've been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in my left foot. I went to a podiatrist and he says that the rapid weight gain from my pregnancy put a lot of pressure on my foot. On top of that my ligaments were already really lose because of pregnancy hormones and I never wore supportive shoes because the last thing I wanted to do was bend over my giant belly and tie my shoelaces, so all of that combined to produce this major BUMMER of an injury. The doctor says I can't even WALK on the treadmill, let alone run until we get it under control.

Soooo, that has been lame, because I'm feeling great and like I could definitely start walking again and maybe even jog but that's not going to happen for awhile. So my plan is to focus on eating healthy and focus on strength training things like push ups and arm bands and low key pilates videos to get some tone back in my muscles. It's going to be a long journey back to fitness, especially with my foot issues, but I will get back.