Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little victories...

When you have 3 kids (and one of them is a newborn) it's the little things that feel like victories.

Today was especially victorious. I got the kids dressed, fixed the girls hair all cute, fed them all a nutritious breakfast, nursed the baby, WORKED OUT! (woot!) TOOK A SHOWER!! (aw yeah!) packed snacks and lunches for everyone, bundled up all three little nuggets, loaded them in the car and got all of us to playgroup by 10:00 AM!!!! Holy cow I felt like a freaking Gladiator!!! I was rocking out in the car all the way to playgroup, seriously can't believe how awesome it felt to get somewhere, ON TIME, with all three kids, and I even showered and looked decent!

Other victories this week:

-My first week on Weightwatchers was a success! I lost 2 lbs and tried out lots of new recipes on my family. Taber ended up losing like 4 lbs thanks to my delicious and nutritious cooking and we all feel better now that we're eating healthier food.

-My foot is slowly but surely starting to feel better. My podiatrist gave me some shoe inserts that I wear at all times, even around the house. I've also been icing it a couple times a day and stretching it as well. I can tell it's making a difference.

-I started working out again! YEAH!! Nothing crazy since I still have foot issues but I did start a little 25 minute strength training DVD and man it feels awesome to sweat again! I can tell I have a long way to go because this DVD used to be ridiculously easy for me and now it kicks my butt! I'm super sore after only doing it for 2 days but I'm excited to get my body moving again.

-Baby is sleeping in 4 hour blocks now so if I go to bed at 11 he only gets up once in the middle of the night. Soooo nice to get longer stretches of sleep in!

-We were able to take a last minute family overnighter to Cape Cod which was tons of fun and a reassurance that we can still be spontaneous even as a family of 5. : )

I'll leave you with a fun past and present photo. After I took the pic with me and Cam on the beach my sister sent me a similar one of my mom and my brother that was taken 32 years ago! Kind of fun.


  1. You domestic goddess you! Way to Go! I totally know how awesome that feels when you are tackling all the things you want to do in a day AND on time! Feels so productive. (Just wish I did that more often.)

  2. Rock on Becca! Those are indeed some great victories. All the small things add up and make a BIG difference over time. Keep it rockin'

  3. Good job! If you have any go-to recipes, please share!

  4. My baby is 4 months old and I'm still not working out. BLAH! Love the pictures!

  5. Wow that was quite the morning! I don't think I've had one quite that successful yet. :)
    But it's so true, those days where you accomplish a lot feel SO GOOD.
    And Tasha (Reed's) did weight watchers several years ago and got super duper skinny. She taught me some of her recipes and I think Weight Watchers rocks! I could really use something like that because trying on my own is going REALLY slow!