Thursday, March 3, 2011

Slow but steady progress

Thursdays are my weigh in days at weight watchers so I'm going to try to at least post every Thursday to keep myself honest and hopefully motivated to stay on track.

Last week I only had a 0.4 lb loss and I wasn't surprised since I had majorly gone off plan and wasn't tracking my food like I should. After that I felt motivated to get back on course so all last week I wrote down every last bite I took. It really made a big difference and when I weighed in at my meeting today I was rewarded with a 3.4 lbs loss! My leader said, "Weight watchers is great because if you kind of do it, it kind of works, but if you really do it, it REALLY works." So very true.

I'm really loving the new program because there's tons of flexibility, all fruits are now ZERO points so you can eat them to your hearts content which means when you're out of points, you still never feel hungry because you can eat fruit. Also since I'm nursing I get a TON of points (43 a day) and it seems like I'm eating so much but the amazing thing is, I'm still losing weight, just slow and steady but that's fine with me as long as I get there eventually.

So yeah, along with being really good about what I put in my mouth I've also been working out consistently. I do this program called Slim in 6 from and it's great because it has a 25 min easy DVD, a 45 minute moderate DVD, and a 60 min intense DVD. So far I've only done the 25 minute and 45 minute ones but I hope to work my way up to the 60 minute one in another week or so.

Finding time to work out with 3 kids is HARD. like majorly hard. I would do it early in the morning but the baby still gets up throughout the night to nurse so I'm just way too exhausted at 6am. I've been trying to fit it in while he naps around 9am but it's always such a fiasco. The girls are up by then so they're trying to do my workout with me, but they mostly just end up crawling all over me while I'm trying to do push ups and sit ups or hanging on my legs while I'm doing squats. It makes me wonder if I'm really getting a good work out at all but at least I'm trying right? Yesterday it took me an hour and a half to do my 45 minute DVD because I got interrupted so many times to change a diaper, wipe someone's bum, get someone a snack, break up a fight, etc... I just had to laugh because I guess this is my new "normal" now that I'm a mother of 3 : )

So that's the update, still haven't gotten back on the treadmill yet. The foot is improving but it's not 100%. I'm doing everything I can to baby it so I can recover and get back to doing what I love, running. Not that I could run right now even if I wanted to. haha! Pretty sure I'll have to start with walking but that's okay. I've started from ground zero before, I know I can do it again.

And just for fun here are some of the things I've been eating lately. Since lean meats, whole grains and fruits and vegetables have less points values that's what I eat the most of. It's been fun trying new things and when I do I get excited and take pictures (although some aren't that great since I took them with my phone)

Salmon, brown rice and stir-fried veggies

Slow cooker lasagna from the weight watchers recipe book. This was AMAZING! so savory and delicious and amazingly low in points. (camera phone pic doesn't do it justice)

Quinoa with squash, zucchini and grilled chicken on top and the famous weight watchers 0 point soup which is surprisingly delicious and easy to make.

And sauteed chicken over brown rice with broccoli, topped with Japanese ginger marinade. delish!


  1. Way to go Becca!!! 3.4 pounds is awesome! I'm glad you rededicated yourself last week and had such good results.

    As for the workout thing, don't get discouraged... you'll find a way. Lately I have been running at night as soon as Kevin gets home because I'm too tired in the morning as well. He walks in the door, changes his clothes, and then starts on dinner so I can go. It is awesome to have his support and to be able to get a break at the end of a stressful day.

    I also do Slim in 6 in the middle of the afternoon, but I wait until Lily is in bed so I am at least one kid less. Then Brooklyn is allowed to workout with me but we have an invisible box around mommy that she can't enter. She knows the rules and is more than happy to run around me or just sit and watch when she gets tired.

    You'll find something that works for you're just still in the beginning stages of transition! Good luck!

  2. Rock on Becca! I really have to laugh as you describe trying to do the workout with the kids hanging all over you. Seems to me that if it takes you an hour and a half to get through a 45 minute workout video because you're running around taking care of kids that you basically did an hour and a half workout! Doesn't surprise me at all that you lost some poundage. Keep up the good work!

    Oh, and I WANT that lasagna... Mmmmmm

  3. Excellent update. It is always great to see and feel the results from hard work. Those meals look super yummy and healthy too. Ditto on passing recipes along so we can try them. Keep it up. The consistency will guarantee the results.

  4. becca that food looks so AMAZING!!! See even on my diet I cannot eat that much... I want pasta and rice so bad but nope... not for me. I am glad you are blogging your progress. I think it really helps. Keep up the great work!
    love ya

  5. AMAZING! You are so motivating! I LOVE it! Yeah it can be hard but totally celebrate every tiny accomplishment because you are doing it! You are so beautiful and amazing. Thanks for the inspiration! ;o) keep it up!

  6. Wow...busy as all heck. I feel my days are busy especially with long runs but nothing like yours. Your progress is impressive and looks like you're getting the results you want.