Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Falling apart

My excitement over getting back into running has been replaced with frustration thanks to some serious knee pain and shin splints. The knees started hurting last week so I took a few days off thinking they would get better. On Saturday the weather was gorgeous so I decided to re-asses the situation and go for an outdoor jog. As soon as I started I knew it wasn't going to be good. Sharp pain started shooting from the outside of both knees. Every step made me wince. I slowed my pace and pushed on hoping the pain would ease a little once my legs warmed up. No such luck. I had planned on doing 3 miles but after a mile I knew I needed to save my legs and turn around. The mile back was awful. I probably should've just walked but my overly optimistic side stubbornly kept thinking if I ran maybe it would get better. Wishful thinking.

When I walked in the door Taber asked how it went and all I could say was "I think I really messed up my knees." The next day my fears were confirmed when I found myself wincing in pain just walking up and down the stairs. On top of the knee pain I also got some good shin splints from that little outing. Boo! It is so disheartening to get sidelined by injury again when I was finally starting to recover from my foot issues. I feel like my body is falling apart and I'm wondering if I'm trying to do too much too soon or what the deal is! I thought I was taking it pretty slow but my body sure doesn't seem to want to cooperate at all. It's very very frustrating.

So now I'm not sure how to get my exercise in. Can't really run and not sure if walking would be good for my injuries or not. The DVD's I normally do are tough on the knees since they have lots of squats and lunges. If only I had access to a pool...

While I wait for all this to get better I know one thing I definitely need to do is get some new shoes. Mine are over a year old and I put a lot of miles on them training for the New York half last year. I'm really hoping a lot of my issues stem from wearing bad shoes and not just me getting old and falling apart.

On a positive note my weigh in last week went well. Down another .8 for a total loss of 7lbs. I even got a sticker from my WW leader. Little ups to balance the downs. : )


  1. So sorry about your body pains! Knee pain is my recurring injury. Over the years and with different attempts to get my body back on track, I have found one sure fix for me. It seems a little "voodoo" (like acupuncture might?), but it works! Google MAT or Muscle Activation Technique. The guy I see is so awesome! What I have learned about my body in our sessions has changed my life! You can check out his website http://sportfitproformance.com/blog/?page_id=32 though since you live far away, you'd have to find your own guy. If you're interested, email me and I'll tell you the miracle MAT stories in my family. I know I sound like an infomercial, but whatever. I'm a believer. :)

    Listen to your body and I hope you find your path back to running!

  2. Oh Becca! I'm so sorry! that is AWFUL! I feel like I am falling apart too! You inspire me just about EVERY day infact when ever I need a pick-me-up I check out your blogs to see what you are up too and you are so uplifting. I will keep you in my prayers. Hope you feel better soon :o(

  3. I'm afraid of that happening to me when I reach 30!!!