Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's been a good week: )

Today was my Weight watchers weigh in and I was down another 1.8 lbs! WOOT! When I started going to meetings 2 months ago I weighed 156. Today I weighed in at 146.6. I'm only 0.4 away from losing my first 10 lbs! YAY!

I know 10 lbs may not sound that impressive for a 2 month period but I'm really happy with the rate I'm losing at. I lost my baby weight way too fast after I had Teya and it really affected my milk supply. It's common to lose up to 20 lbs the first month after having a baby but doctor's recommend that nursing mother's only lose a 1-1.5 lbs a week after that first month. So that's exactly what I'm doing and my milk supply has been great and the little chub is thriving!

See, Just look at those chunky thighs and that double chin. : )

He's also sleeping through the night (8-9 hours every night) and he's not even 3 months old! My girls didn't do that and I swear it's because he's getting better milk. Who knows, but it makes me wonder...

Anyway, at our meeting they challenged everyone to walk or run a 5K in 6 weeks. We all got to sign up on a big poster and we get stickers every week we complete our training. Race day is May 21st and if we complete a 5K we get a little 5K charm for our keychains. I'm not gonna lie, I am PUMPED about this challenge! I know it might seem a little juvenile but stickers and little charms totally motivate me. You better believe I'm going to earn those babies!

So yeah, now I just need to get some new shoes so my knees will be nicer to me and then I'm going hit the pavement starting next week. Since I haven't been able to run though I have been doing my Slim in 6 DVD's and have worked my way up the the hour long workout. It's kicking my butt and makes me sweat buckets, but it feels good to get my burn on and when I feel like giving up I just imagine that I'm on the Biggest Loser and Bob and Jillian are in my face and yelling at me to push through it. Whatever works right?

So that's the latest update. Workouts are going well, I'm eating well and I'm excited to run my first 5K in over a year.


  1. Congrats Becca, that is great news!! I recently started trying to live a "healthier" lifestyle by exercising more and eating right. Since you have experience with WW...what are some of your favorite health recipes?? I am always looking to find different recipes. Can you hook a sister up? haha

  2. Go Becca!!! I am so sorry I forgot about your running blog & tonight I had the thought pop up in my brain "I bet Becca is writing on her other blog!" And yes!!! Great job on losing 10lbs!!! I have heard great things from anybody who has done weight watchers :) You are awesome keep up the tough work! And man that baby Cam is killing me w/ his chubby cuteness! That kid is so adorable it hurts! And SO SO SO HAPPY to hear he is sleeping for you! That is one good lil' boy!! xoxo

  3. Hi! I think I left a comment last year sometime. I got pregnant too and stopped following the running blogs. I think our babies are a little over a month apart and I am in the same boat, trying to lose the weight and get back into shape. I started this past week and my milk supply is drying out. :( I don't think I have even lost any pounds so I can't figure out if it is my weight lifting/cardio or my new diet. Not enough calories? I've stopped and hope it comes back. Anyways, I enjoy reading your blog. It helps motivate me. Your little guy is so dang cute.

  4. Cool challenge dude! You got it in the bag! Good luck and good job with the loss this week!