Saturday, April 30, 2011

First Gain, Non-scale victories, & summing up April

In the 10 weeks that I've been doing weightwatchers I've lost weight at every weigh in, until this week. This week I had a .6 gain. Not surprising considering the way I ate while celebrating Taber's birthday and Easter ; ) The bigger surprise is that it wasn't more than .6, but I did try to curb the indulgences and throw in some extra workouts to redeem myself a little. Small gain but it did motivate me to really buckle down and be honest with my tracking this week.

Even though I gained this week I still want to celebrate a few non-scale victories:

1) I went to my WW meeting even though I knew the scale was going to be up not down. Those are the hardest times to go but probably the times you need it the most.

2) I packed away all my maternity clothes and have fully transitioned to my "in between" clothes. Yay for no more maternity jeans!

3) Not only am I out of maternity jeans, but I even dropped a size from my in-between jeans to my somewhat smaller in-between jeans. still a couple sizes to go before I can get into my pre-baby jeans but we're getting there : )

4) Worked out 5 days last week and am getting a little bit faster with every run

5) Turned down the cake at a baby shower last night and chewed on gum instead of having ice cream with Taber after dinner tonight. (Not that I don't believe in dessert if you've worked it into your daily points, but I didn't have the points for it and I honestly wasn't hungry so I'm trying to listen to my body cues more instead of just eating stuff because it looks good ; )

Exercise summary for last week:

Monday: ran 2.5 miles on treadmill 9:27 pace. 25 minute Slim in 6 DVD

Wednesday: ran 2.5 on treadmill 9:10 pace. 25 minute Slim in 6 DVD

Thursday: 30 minute pilates DVD

Friday: ran 2.45 miles outside 9:46 pace

Saturday: ran 5 miles on treadmill 9:55 pace

Summary for April:

Started running again April 11th- logged 34.1 miles since then. That's more miles in 3 weeks than I've run in 8 months. Aw yeah!

lost a total of 5 lbs this month, Just over a pound a week which sometimes feels slow but worth the slow pace to keep the nursing thing going.

And unrelated to running or weight loss but April summary just the same:

Took Cam to his first Celtics game

Made the jumbo tron and little guy was nominated for "fan of the game"

Put up the trampoline. Yay for warm weather and static hair

Spent lots of time snuggling this chubby little dude

Potty trained Brinley (finally!)

Took Cam to watch the Boston marathon. He's totally in love with Desiree Davila now.

Got a visit from the Easter bunny

And stayed busy trying to keep up with these little munchkins.
Life is good.

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  1. Cool update! Keep up the great work. You are doing awesome.

    Totally love seeing the pic of you and Cam on the jumbo tron...that is sweet. And the girls are cute as always in their Easter jammies and with their little bro.