Thursday, April 14, 2011

Working hard

Today was my weight watchers weigh in and I was down another 1.4 lbs. I hit my 5% goal, got a sticker and only have 15 lbs to go till I hit my pre-pregnancy weight. As long as the scale keeps going down I will take it. : )

Some people are blessed to have the baby weight just melt off them while they breastfeed. I am not one of those people. I work very hard every week to say good-bye to each little pound. I carefully measure my food, track my points, drink my water, and down my veggies. When I'm at a party I say no to all the yummy treats, I don't finish my kids' leftover fries and nuggets like I used to, I've replaced my old afternoon sugar binge with a workout, and I don't snack late at night. It's not easy, sometimes I WANT to do those things still. But every time the temptation comes instead of giving in I think, "what will I really get out of that if I eat it? Will it fuel my body? Am I even hungry? Will I be happy afterwards if I eat it?" Stopping to think about it usually changes my mind. If it doesn't then I say, "okay, you can have that treat, but first you have to drink a glass of water and eat a piece of fruit. If you still want it after that then go for it." 9 times out of 10 I don't want it anymore. And when I do want it, I eat it. But I still measure out the portions and track what I've eaten so I don't get out of control. It seems to be working.

And speaking of working, I did two 2 mile runs last week and my knees are working just fine :) . It is so therapeutic to be able to run again, even just short distances. Getting my heart pounding and my face all sweaty, I don't know, it just makes me happy. I also tried doing pilates last week. hahaha! My core is soooo weak after being stretched out during pregnancy, it was a pretty pathetic attempt. You gotta start somewhere though right? Maybe if I keep it up I'll actually be able to get through the whole video without wimping out.

And here's a little recipe for my favorite evening treat:

Strawberry banana smoothie: WW points plus value: 2
4-5 big frozen strawberries
1 ripe banana
1 cup of vanilla almond milk

mix ingredients in a blender and wa-lah! DELICIOUS low point, very filling treat.
btw I am a huge fan of the almond milk! I put it in my oatmeal too instead of sugar to sweeten it up a bit. Good stuff.


  1. STUD! OF! THE! UNIVERSE! Dude, you totally don't have to say things like "As long as the scale keeps going down I will take it." Of COURSE you will take it! That is an awesome loss and it just keeps melting off. I am way impressed with your fortitude man. Keep it up!

  2. Oh you are way too disciplined! I really need to follow your lead...I always finish my kids' fries and nuggets! Ha ha. And I hear you about the weak core - man, I feel like I have aboslutely no muscles left in there anymore! they'll come back, right?

  3. Nice! I don't lose an ounce of weight while i'm breastfeeding, no matter what I do, so I am impressed!

  4. So glad you are posting recipies. I just made the smoothie and it's delicious. Dinner tonight will be your chicken in the previous post. Looks yummy!

    Good job, Becca. Glad to hear your knee is back. Injuries are the worst!

  5. Great Job Becca!!! Your an inspiration!! And yeah the people who breastfeed & are like "I don't know the weigh just melted off"--Well "poop-poop" on you!! I am going to repeat your mantra next time I spot the bag of Easter candy in my closet for the boys ( meaning not have a couple of chocolate eggs!)
    Keep it up woman!! Great great job!!

  6. YOU ROCK! Great job Becca! YOu are so inspiring. I was gonna be a lazy bum and ride the bus home from work but you've motivated me to walk home today- keep up the great work!