Monday, February 22, 2010

New York Half Countdown: 6 weeks to go

Last week was okay. It was kind of lame not running in the beginning but I've learned that it's better to baby your injuries in the early stages so they don't take you out later on. I'm glad I took it easy because my shins felt 100% better and after our long run on Saturday I didn't have any troubles at all.

The real trouble I'm having is food actually. I put on a few pounds during the holidays; no big deal, except they're not coming off. I'm running again and exercising but I actually gained weight last week. The reason why is no mystery, I just can't seem to get a handle on my portion sizes and sugar cravings. I'm also a social eater and it seems that we always have something going on where there's lots of food and I'm like a cow in the pasture, grazing all night long till I come home ridiculously stuffed.

So my goal for this week, along with getting my training in, is to be more conscious about what I eat. I'm going to try to do all the things I know are good for me, eat more fruits and veggies, whole grains and lean meats. Go easy on the sugar, watch my portion sizes, and ignore the fact that the girl scouts are out with those dang cookies.

Here's how last week went:

Weekly Goals:

Mon: 4 miles
Tues: 2 miles of cross
Wed: 4 miles
Fri: 40 min cross
Sat: 6 miles


Tues: 45 min strength DVD
Wed: 45 min strength DVD
Thurs: 4 miles
Sat: 6 miles


  1. My suggestion is to stop socializing :)
    Munro ran 14 miles saturday. Really took it out of him. But he's still training hard for Apr. 17 SLC marathon. You crazy people!

  2. Maybe you're gaining muscle! (Since muscle weighs more than fat. :) I use running as an excuse to eat sometimes...I really need to stop that.

  3. Hey 10 miles is still a good weekly number, good job. You're telling me about having a hard time controlling the eating habits! I need to get a grip! And 34 days until New York? That is going to be so fun! Buena suerte!