Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Time to Buckle Down

So I guess it's been a month since I've blogged. Oops! My blogging frequency seems to be directly related to how well I'm doing with my Weightwatchers and exercise goals. The better I am doing, the more I blog, (and vice versa). So my month long absence on here should give you a pretty good idea of how much I've slacked off...Um yeah, summers are tough.

I hate to say it but my awesome dedication to 30 day Shred has completely stopped. Haven't done that workout in 3 weeks. : ( Luckily my running is still going well since I kind of have to keep that up with a half marathon in 6 weeks, but my weightwatchers tracking has been non-existent and I haven't gone to a meeting in 3 weeks. yikes!

Last weekend we took the family camping (don't the girls look cute?) and I think I may have consumed my entire week's worth of WW points in one night of S'More roasting. 

As I shoved the 19th or 20th S'more in my mouth (I lost count after the first dozen), I felt the sugar buzzing around in my brain and the discomfort of being stuffed beyond stuffed and I thought to myself, "Becca, it's time to buckle down." (Naturally I meant AFTER the campout and pit stop on the drive home that included a mushroom burger, onion rings and coconut soft serve ice cream. Can't buckle down without one last hoorah. : )

So now with a month of gluttony behind me I am back on track! As in, tracking all my points and bringing back the 6 day a week exercise plan. I have 5 lbs to go before I hit lifetime Weightwatchers status and get to go to meetings for free! 5 LBS!! I can totally do this! Just got to buckle down.

Yesterday I ran 9 miles to make up for the long run I missed while we were camping. Even running on marshmallow fuel I was happy with my overall time of 1:22:58 for a 9:11 pace on a course with some serious hills. The run gave me a lot of confidence and made me think for the first time since I had Cam that maybe, just maybe, I could break 2 hours at the Applefest. That would mean I'd have to crank out a sub 9:10 pace on a hilly course which is ambitious for me, but good to have something to shoot for.  So that's my goal, that and to be a lifetime WW member by the time I line up at the starting line : )


  1. AWESOME! You totally got this dude. I know, because right now I am eating a plate full of carrots. That's right...carrots! Good luck with both of your goals man. Under two hours on that course will be a killer, but if anyone can do it, you can! And the WW goal...well that's just a cake walk for someone like you!

  2. Way to get back in the groove Becca! Sounds like you've been having a fun summer so far and are on track to have a great race next month. Girls looked like they really enjoyed their camping adventure.

    Looking forward to your future updates and congrats on being so close to achieving lifetime status with WW. Very cool.

    Have fun,

  3. 9 miles at 9:11 per mile is seriously commendable. I've NEVER, in my life, run that far. And no way at that pace. Good on ya! Yeah, we all fall of the wagon...I am just waiting for this to happen when I get pregnant again...oh it is such a process. You're doing great, looking great, and have a healthy baby (and indulged in some s'mores--which is basically the law on campouts)--looks like a success story to me.

  4. The movement that takes place in this abdominal exercise is very small and its important to use your abs to lift your hips versus using the momentum of your legs.

  5. S'mores.. That's what's missing from my life ;). Great job on the 9 miles. You'll get that sub 2 hrs!