Friday, September 30, 2011


Applefest is TOMORROW and I'm kind of freaking out!! I get pre-race jitters like you wouldn't believe, especially when I've set an ambitious goal for myself and let people know about it. I get all worked up and feel like if I don't hit my goal everyone will be so dissapointed. I know that's not true so I just gotta reign myself in and stop freaking out! No matter what happens tomorrow, I'm proud of myself for sticking with my training and working hard to get to the point where I can actually run 13.1 miles, sub 2 hours or not!

So here are some things that have been making me nervous:

1)The course is super duper hilly. I've run it twice now and the hills are KILLER!

2) The weather calls for 60% chance of rain. Hoping soggy feet don't give me blisters ; (

3) Not to be TMI but during the last few runs I've had some bowel issues that have slowed me down.

4) I can't run with music (applefest has a very strict no music policy) I've tried to wean myself but I still run a lot faster with my tunes.

On the positive side, here are some things that boost my confidence:

1) I've run the course twice so I'm familiar with it and know what I'm up against.

2) I've trained on hills for the last 6 weeks since my treadmill broke and now my legs are getting better at taking them.

And the best most awesome confidence booster of all...Taber told me this morning that he is going to run with me the whole time!! I was seriously jumping up and down with excitement! With Taber there to pace me I KNOW I can hit my goal if I just stay focused and trust my training.

Also I will have the cutest cheerleaders on the planet waiting for me at the finish line. 

Do you love his, "My mommy runs wicked fast" onsie? 
My friend Kendall made it for him. 
We both had babies a week apart in January and Applefest is our come back race : )

And can't forget the girls, they wanted in on the pictures too. 
They were still in their jammies and rockin' the bed head but you can't deny the cuteness. 
Pretty awesome motivation ; )


  1. Good luck on your race! Your family is adorable :)

  2. YAAAAAAAY! You totally got this! I'm so excited that Taber is going to run with you. Its amazing how much a pacer can help, especially if your pacer is someone you already like to hang out with :) Good luck tomorrow Bec. I will be cheering you on all the way from windy Chicago!