Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New York 13.1 Half Marathon: The Extended edition

How cute is Teya in this picture?! She just had to be in on it!

The New York Half was great success! You can read all about it on my family blog here: New York 13.1 Half Marathon

I always like to put in a few extra details though on my running blog so here they are in no particular order:

1) I got so nervous before the race that I missed the shuttle from my hotel to the starting line because I couldn't get out of the bathroom. Luckily there was another shuttle 10 minutes later but I was a little frazzled. Even after that I had to stand in the insanely long port-a-potty lines TWICE before the actual race started. Does this potty issue happen for anyone else on running day? Or do I just have the world's smallest bladder?

2) After my whole iPod dilemma I decided to follow Natalie's advice and bring my iPod but not listen in the beginning. That only lasted for 3 miles and then I got insecure and turned it on. I'm still not sure if it is that big of a help, maybe when Justin Bieber's "Baby" came on ; ) but other than that I didn't feel like it gave me a ton of extra energy.

3) One of the ways I navigated this race was drafting. I'd find someone that was clocking around a 9 minute pace and then I'd pull in behind them and let them do the work. I never found anyone consistent enough that I could draft the whole time, but I was able to do it enough to reserve some energy. Only problem was when people noticed what I was doing they seemed either nervous or really annoyed. This one guy was obviously trying to shake me but I kept pacing with him, eventually I decided to back off though because we were in Queens after all!

4) My quads were really sore the next day. I knew I should've done more cross training! I always say I'm going to cross train more and somehow it always gets neglected. NEXT TIME!

5) I got a sunburn on my back and the return of the perma-tank top tan that I had from running last summer : )

6) I had the best cheerleading section in the world! We've never brought the girls to spectate a race before because we thought it would be too much for them. While it WAS a lot of work for Taber, I think they did really well and it just made the accomplishment feel complete having them there.

Me waving to Teya (she's hanging out in the bottom righthand corner) at mile 5

7) I was really impressed with the 13.1 marathon series. The organization was awesome, the miles were marked really well with running clocks showing gun time at every mile. The drink stations were at almost every mile and had plenty of water and gatorade. The finishers chute had lots of great food options, from apples and bananas to bagels with cream cheese, muffins, donuts, you name it. The after party was tons of fun, with a live band and disco dancers. The medals were really nice and the shirts were awesome too. This year they have them in Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale, Los Angeles, and Miami. Highly recommend it!

8) After running that I realized I have no desire to do a marathon this year! Half was enough for me! Maybe next year. Maybe... : )


  1. Yay I love all the extra facts about your race. I've only run a 5K, but I missed the gun shot because I was in the port-a-potties. My stomach was a mess. It must be those Uda (Brown) nerves we get from mom.

  2. Oh the port-a-potty madness! Yes. Same problem. You should have seen me on marathon morning. Maybe 3 or 4 times? Ridiculous.
    Well I will also be opting out on the marathon this year:)... but maybe we can both aim for one in 2011!

  3. Way to go! Jonelle is a half-marathoner, too. She calls that her distance. I'm still trying to decide mine! :)

  4. No "desire" to do a Marathon? Hmmmm....Or is there perhaps something more difficult than a marathon that you are secretly planning to accomplish? One can only wonder!

  5. Congrats again Becca :) I'm rather partial to halfs myself so thanks for the info on the 13.1 series!

  6. I'm with Naomi here...wondering if there is something big coming up in the next year?? Hmmm... :) CALL ME SOON GIRL! I lost your house number, so give me a call from it again so we can catch up!

    OH...and AWESOME job on the race. :)