Thursday, April 15, 2010

Up Next...

So, it's almost been two weeks since my half marathon and I finally figured out what to do with myself. I always feel a little lost after I finish a race. It's like, I work so hard for so long to lead up to that moment but then it's over, and I'm like, "doh dee doh...No what?"

At first I was thinking maybe I'd just take a break from running and focus more on toning up and strength training. Running is great for your heart and lungs and I do have to say that my legs are pretty buff. ; ) But running doesn't really do much for my other trouble spots (mainly my belly!) So the first week after the Half I did 45 min to an hour of strength training DVD's everyday. Lots of squats, lunges, push ups, sit ups, resistance bands and butt blaster type stuff. I threw one short 3 mile run in there but it was a pretty low key half hearted effort.

The strength training has been nice but today the running bug is back. My friend introduced me to a new app for my iPod touch. If you have an iPhone (Natalie and Ro!) Then the app is even BETTER! its called runkeeper pro, and it works like a GPS watch. It tracks your distance, pace, speed, calories burned, and maps your route. Then it uploads it all to a site online where you can keep track of everything. Best part about it is you can invite others to join your street team, and keep up on each other's goals and training!

Once I downloaded that app I got all excited about running again. There's just something about seeing my progress charted out that just gets me going! Also I love that you can have people on your team to motivate you too. SO, if you have an iPhone and download this (there's a free version too, runkeeper free) Then add me to your street team! my username is BeccaB.

Oh, and my goal now is to do a fast 5K next month. I figure now that I've done a good distance race it's time to get my speed back up. I'd like to do it in 25 minutes flat. My previous PR is 25:46. I think I can do it!


  1. Dude! I'm totally excited for you to bust your time! You'll do awesome, especially with all your recent cross training. Good luck and have fun with your i pod touch!

  2. Pashaaaaw! All you Iphone users and your fancy shmancy apps! Look how cool you are!!

    Haha, joking aside, I think I've hit the same spot several times before, and there usually is something that gets you motivated again. Like a cool workout journal (thanks Brian & Natalie!) or a good running website like (thanks Jake!)

    Keep it up!

  3. I feel the same way after a race. But for me, it's like "okay I can take some time off to recover" and then like 2 weeks later I realize I'm a little more than recovered :).
    Wow those iphones have so many cool things! We have a really great deal on our phone service doing a family plan w/ Justin's bro (we only pay $40/month for both of us!), that I just can't switch to AT&T. But that is really cool, I'll have to tell my running buddy who has an iphone about that, thanks for sharing!

  4. I'm a major fan of Runkeeper. I'd add one more thing, even if you don't have a cool phone to do Runkeeper on the go, you can still track your runs, rides, hikes and swims on the free website. Tons of cool tools there.

    I just saw recently that the owners ran the Boston Marathon dressed as an iPhone and an Android device ( Funny stuff.