Saturday, May 15, 2010

Not sure what to do with myself...

Taber's out right now for a 7 miler. He signed up for a half marathon in September so he's slowly ramping up the miles. I'm in my "in between races lost at what I should do with myself stage." Last summer at this point I was gearing up for my marathon with a half marathon and Ragnar relay on deck as well. This year is tricky though because what I really want to do is get pregnant. There, I said it. Brinley is almost 2 and I'm not gonna lie, I'm baby hungry.

We've been trying since my half marathon but you know, nature has it's own timeline. While I'm waiting for it to happen though it's hard to know what to do. Should I sign up for races not knowing if I'll be prego or how far along I'll be? Is it safe to push for speed right now? Will I be able to keep running though the morning sickness phase? Is it safe to increase your mileage after you get pregnant? I just don't know. I've been searching around the web for info on running while pregnant. I've found a lot of fabulous blogs and am amazed with these women that are putting in up to 50 miles a week in their 2nd trimesters! I'm not even doing that right now so I'll be happy if I can do 15-20 mpw. I guess that's what I'll shoot for right now since I'm kind of in running limbo. If I can get 20 miles a week in right now that seems like a good place to start.

Anyway, this post is kind of all over the place but just wanted to put that out there and if anyone has any pregnancy running advice or experience I'm all ears!


  1. Of course "everybody's different".
    When I ran the half marathon and was 5 weeks pg. with Katie, I started spotting that evening. That was more than enough to freak me out and allow myself to slow down big time. My doctor told me it was still ok to run though. uh, no thanks, I can wait.
    Now that she's here I'm game again. I had no problem with putting running on a back burner for a few months and just walking the dog or while Anna rode her big wheel.
    Running isn't going to go anywhere while pg.

  2. Well you know i'm not a runner, but yay for being baby hungry! I'm right there with you on that, although I keep trying to ignore those thoughts. Having 4 kids 3 years old and younger would make me more nutso than I am. Anyways, sorry on my lack of advice ;) But yay for babies.

  3. Oh, well I can say that my sis-in-law was running up to 5 -6 miles a day, up until the day she delivered. She had a healthy baby, and she was super healthy throughout pregnancy. She was one of those girls that could fit into her regular jeans the day after giving birth (must be nice). I say just go with your gut.

  4. Going for number three huh? I'll try to avoid any late-night Skypes to you...don't want the computer ringing to mess up Tabe's mojo!!!

    Love you guys!
    your bad brother! chris

  5. I ran with Wes in the beginning of my 3rd trimester (before I was a "real" runner, so only 2 miles on the treadmill or something), but I'd have really bad pulling pains in ab-area for the rest of the night. Plus I had really bad pain from my pelvis spreading apart to make room for him to come out. It wasn't worth it, so I just walked. With Sydney, I decided to bag working out all together. I was still fully capable of delivery au natural and I didn't gain excessive weight (but I don't over-eat either). I started really running just 2.5 months after Sydney was born.

    In my opinion, I wouldn't plan your life around, "Well, I might be pregnant," because then I think it can just get discouraging if you don't get pregnant that easily. If you want to run a half, just sign up for it and if doc says no way, then you eat 50 bucks or whatever. Not a big deal.

    As far as training goes...I know marathon training can seriously mess up women's cycles. Have you ever tried charting to see if it's messing with your body that way? I recommend the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler. I think every woman should read that book, actually. But, it would be a good way figure out if your cycle is off. Also, you can just go in for your yearly or a physical and get some advice from the doc (hopefully a runner as well, right?). I think some are paranoid, but if you listen to your body, I think you'll be fine.

    Whew! Was that more advice than you wanted? :)

  6. Hi! My name's Rachel and I found your site through 21 Days (Jess's blog). I am 21 weeks pregnant and am having quite a struggle keeping up my "running mojo!" It's my first pregnancy and the first time I haven't been running consistently in over four years. It is hard, but I am coming to terms with it and allowing myself the rest. I know running will be there again! That being said, I know that it is great for some people to continue running as they had been. It just hasn't worked out especially well for me - but I still try to do a mile or two every few days! I have mostly been walking, though, due to some discomfort and round ligament pains when I do run. Good luck to you and I look forward to following your blog! :)

  7. My wife ran 3-4 miles 3-5 day/week up until her 24th week when she ended-up with a stress fracture in her pelvis. She was having severe SI joint pain for about a week at the time. We had just had a conversation where I said that maybe she needed to listen to her body and start working on the elliptical and swimming, anything other than running.

    So, my advice is run as long as your can without pain. Pregnancy hormones to strange things to your joints (as I'm sure you know) in preparation for delivery. This is different in timing and degree for every individual. But LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! And don't take it as an affront to your fitness or your abilities if you have to swim, bike or do the elliptical to keep up your fitness. Running isn't the end-all be-all.

  8. Loving all the advice from everyone! Natalie I think that's a good point that I can't just put my life on hold waiting for it to happen. I think I'll still sign up for some races just nothing too big.

    Rachel congrats on your first pregnancy and I'll definitely be following your blog to stay updated!

    Doug thanks for the reminder that running isn't the end all be all. Sometimes it feels that way but I know that when I get pregnant priorities might need to shift a little : )

  9. I didn't run during any of my pregnancies. But, I did spinning class until I was 32 weeks with Callie. It was great- very low impact.

  10. Wow I have been there, and it feels like it was really recent. :) I would say just keep running and racing. I think you'd be totally fine still signing up for a 5k or something. You just won't be able to go all turbo like your last race if you get pregnant.
    Also.. just my personal feelings, but when I see girls that are really far in their pregnancy running races, I don't really admire it, I just want to say "ugh, why are you doing that?" haha not trying to be judgmental, but as much as I LOVE running, it just looks (and feels) so wrong! So anyway, I guess if some girls really think their body can handle it throughout their pregnancy, more power to them, but I don't like the idea that you're not committed or a "real runner" or something if you take some time off to have a baby!

  11. If it takes awhile to get pregnant, you might regret not racing in the meantime. Maybe sign up for one race at a time and if you do get pregnant, and you don't feel well enough to run the race, you could always walk and just enjoy the atmosphere. You could even "plan" to race, but not commit with $$ until you know you're going to race?

    Good luck! I hope it happens quickly!

  12. Hey, I hadn't even read this when I wrote you about Ragnar, but I had suspicions. I have a friend that ran Ragnar when she was 20 weeks pregnant- I think she's insane not to mention she had really painful varicose veins in unmentionable places because of it. I would sign-up for a race- what's the worst that could happen- you race or you're pregnant, or you race pregnant- all good things. I guess Ragnar is a bigger commitment, but we still have 2 open spots and would lalalove to see you guys.