Thursday, August 12, 2010

A moment to Brag...

So I'm feeling pretty darn proud of myself right now because for the last two weeks I have been totally rocking my workout routine! I made a goal to work out every day (except Sundays) and so far, I haven't missed ONE day! 6 for 6 last week, and so far I am 4 for 4 this week.

To count it as a workout day I have to do a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise. Some days I do two 30 minute sessions. One session for my strength training DVD and one power walk session. I try to do both but if I don't get one in at least I feel good that I did 30 minutes of something that day.

I can tell it's making a huge difference from my last pregnancies. I have more energy and my weight gain is happening at a much healthier pace than last time around. (in the 2nd trimester with Brinley I gained 10 lbs a month 2 months in a row! yeah, 20 lbs in 2 months was a bit extreme) Now I'm shooting for the recommended 4-5 lbs a month and I'm right on track for that to happen.

I've mostly been walking these days but yesterday I wanted to see if I could still run. So I did 2.5 miles and didn't walk the whole time. My average pace was 9:53 min. per mile. I was feeling quite proud of myself for the first 2 miles but the last half mile I started having those contraction like cramps again. I probably should've walked but I was so set on running the whole thing that I kept at it and when I was done the cramps continued for about 30 minutes.

Moral of that story is, it was a nice ego boost to see that I can still run, but I won't be running anymore, at least until I want this baby to come out and then bring on the contractions! For now though I think power walks and aerobics should be enough to keep me fit throughout this pregnancy.

So that's the update for today. Oh yeah, and we also found out we're having a BOY! We're so excited to buy some boy stuff and get some blue in this house that is overrun with pink : )


  1. Yes! A boy! Congrats, Rigg Family! Nice job on your work outs.

  2. Dude! So proud of you! It is hard to be that consistent but you are doing it and it will definitely pay off in the end. Keep on keeping on man! You are amazing!

  3. Congrats of your boy! And your workout streak!!

  4. Wow! That is amazing! And, you really shouldn't run if it matter how tough you are. And don't run in the last trimester either. You'll log plenty of miles after the boy is born. :)

  5. Maybe I should go run 2.5 right now and it will do the trick?? I've been having contractions like crazy since my whole ordeal on Thursday but they just won't progress into anything! So frustrating, I am seriously contemplating a run.. :).
    That is an awesome achievement w/ your workouts and really awesome you have been able to keep your weight gain under control. I wasn't able to do that this time around. I eat too much. Keep up the good work!!

  6. Awesome. Way to go Becca! And most of all, congrats on the news that you are having a boy! That is exciting. I bet Taber is stoked, too :)

  7. Hey I didnt even know you had a blog..until Rachael posted that she feels better after reading I decided to read it since I am still semi laid up cuz of surgery. is a good blog! Congrats on the upcoming baby! you guys make such cute moms! Your mom is always checking up on me...she makes sure that I havent fallen down and cant get up!

    Take care ..your cuz,