Monday, August 2, 2010

Life in the 2nd trimester

Well I'm approaching 16 weeks and happy to report that I'm totally over the morning sickness and my energy is starting to come back! My house is getting clean, I'm playing with my kids, I'm even cooking dinners! My family is happy to have normal mommy back instead of pregnant zombie mom. I started doing a strength and toning workout DVD in the mornings and I really like it. Much easier on the bladder than running and I feel like I'm toning parts of me that don't necessarily have to look pregnant.

Running has slowed down quite a bit. The bladder can barely take a 20 minute run so yeah, it happens once or twice a week max. My pace is about 10:30 these days and sometimes it can be disheartening but then I remember that I couldn't even WALK a mile when I was prego with Teya so jogging 2 is pretty darn good for me! I had to stop comparing myself to all the buff pregnant runners out there and compare myself to me. When I was pregnant with Teya I was completely sedentary, did ZERO exercise, gained 40 lbs, and looked like this (warning, it's scary).

And when I was pregnant with Brinley it was a little better since I tried to walk once in awhile and wasn't as sedentary since I was chasing around a 2 year old. Still, I wasn't exactly tiny.

So looking at my previous pregnancies, I'm happy that I'm actually working out 2-3 times a week and still maintaining some semblance of fitness. See, pregnant me running at on the track last week (excuse the cheesy face). I might not be fast, but at least I'm still moving : )


  1. Way to go Becca! That is awesome that you are still running and working out. I admire you for doing what you can to keep fit and healthy. Keep it up!

  2. Ain't no shame! I make that face when I do speedwork at the track too!

    Way to go with your workouts. Even a little bit done consistently will make a huge difference! You're the bomb... keep it up!

  3. Kevin's comments always crack me up.
    Seriously Becca you are awesome! And you look great, you don't even look pregnant at all yet. Great job on the workouts, working out at home takes some major discipline. And you gained 40 lbs. with Teya? I'm pushing 50 with this one and I HAVE been working out! Dang pregnancies. Anyway, glad you are feeling better. I'm so ready to feel normal again it's not even funny!

  4. I have used pregnancy and summer as an excuse to do nothing, but I'm not enjoying it. So keep it up, while you can! I was doing good with a strength DVD, but stopped one day and haven't gone back. But I plan to!... tomorrow... :)

  5. Great story of your life and challenges. ^_^