Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 11: Cross training and my longest treadmill run ever...

Well I finally started cross training last week and it made me realize how pathetically wimpy all my non-running muscles are! Here I am thinking I'm so tough because I'm training for a marathon and then I try to do a 20 minute pilates DVD and the next day my abs and buns are SO sore I can barely move. That is sad, but a good wake up call for me to make cross training a priority. I mostly stuck with pilates to help with my back but I also threw a 30 day Shred workout in there too. 

Teya took this picture while I was doing pilates one morning. It was after my run so Cam was awake and crawling all over me like I was a human obstacle course. After this I made it a point to only do pilates when Cam was sleeping : )

One of the bright spots of last week was when my friend, who is a massage therapist, came over to work on my back. It was great because she brought her massage table right to my house and we just put on a movie for the kids while she worked the soreness away. It helped a ton and now I just wish she could do it every week : ) 

So yeah, back is doing better, cross training is happening, and overall I think week 11 went really well. Here's how it looked:

5 miles on the treadmill, avg pace: 8:34
20 minute pilates DVD

Got up at 5:40am to crank out 8 miles on the treadmill. avg pace: 8:33. Felt good to get it done early!
20 minute pilates DVD (a lot harder the 2nd day because my abs were so sore!)

Did 30 day shred level 1. It kicked my butt.

Got up early again to do 5 miles on the treadmill. avg. pave was 8:17 and I felt like I was flying! 
followed my run with a 20 minute pilates DVD

18 miles on the dreadmill.
  I know that sounds completely insane but it was 30 degrees outside and literally pouring rain all morning without a break. That was the only time I could get a babysitter so it was either run in the rain and risk getting sick from exposure, or suck it up and pound it out on the treadmill.

 I kept myself entertained by watching old episodes of the Biggest Loser.  I ran at an 8:57 pace the whole time except at mile 9 and mile 15 when I slowed it down to a walk so I could take a Gu and drink some water. 

I know I look super cute here but I wanted to take a picture when I was done to document my longest treadmill run ever. 18 miles, avg pace 9:05. Proud of myself for making it happen but I pray I never have to run that long on a treadmill again!


  1. WOW. you are amazing!! and wait a second... That picture was taken AFTER your run?? you look gorgeous! how do you do it?

  2. That's crazy! I can barely do 10km on the treadmill without dying! You're awesome. And that's how it is with kids hey, get 'er done when you can. Kudos to you!

  3. I need to make friends with a massage therapist!!! :) Running that far on a treadmill takes incredible mental strength, so I guess that could count as some cross-training too, right?

  4. Holy crap! What a killer workout! I would have been walking a LOT more than once during that type of workout. I walk WAY more than I should when I'm on a treadmill. Its a real headgame for me.
    Congratulations! I also love the picture of your baby crawling on you. My 15 month old likes to tackle me when I'm doing push-ups/crunches/anything on the floor. Added weight resistance, right? :)

  5. You know I probably would have opted for the treadmill, too. I don't know the furthest I've run on a treadmill but in the recent past it has been 8 miles and it wasn't so bad. I'm faster on treadmills, too, so that's always an incentive. :) But 18 miles is kinda a different story than 8, so... dang. Good job.
    Anytime I get on the floor for any reason, all three of my kids' faces light up and they ambush me. I have done many workouts as a human obstacle course. :) I like to think it makes me stronger. But thankfully now I can do it at the gym while they are playing elsewhere. I'm really grateful for the gym, but I do SO SO wish I had a treadmill at home!

  6. What the . . . ! 18 miles!!!! I want to kill myself at around mile 4-5 on the treadmill. I'm in awe.