Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Week 14: Shins and Girl Issues

Week 14 wasn't my best week. Basically after my 19 miler I ran a speedy 5 miler, and ever since my shins have been giving me some trouble. Nothing horrible but enough that I've backed off the speed workouts, cut down on my mileage and started wearing Taber's compression socks during and after all my runs.

 (I guess fitting in my hubby's compression socks is one of the benefits of having huge calves ; ) I also think I need to get some new shoes since I just looked on Runkeeper and I've run 547 miles since I bought my last ones. So yeah, hopefully switching up the shoes will help the situation. 

Warning: If talking about female monthly issues makes you uncomfortable, skip the next paragraph: )

Besides my shin trouble I was also dealing with my monthly visitor which majorly threw off my running mojo. PMS hormones make me weepy and turn me into a sugar monster. I seriously ate so much junk last week it is disgusting. I also get horrible cramps which makes running tough too. Guys are so lucky they don't have to deal with that. It is horrible!! Anyway, I'm a little concerned that my monthly visitor's next projected visit falls right during marathon week! Blah! I do not want to run 26.2 miles wearing a tampon or a bulky pad. I'm praying it's late, or early, or doesn't come at all. That would be awesome.

Despite those little setbacks I did have a huge highlight this week when I knocked out 12 miles in 1:40:15. I ran outside on a hilly course but pushed myself hard and was pumped to see my average pace was 8:20! Taber of course saw that I did that and had to go out and run it even faster with an average pace of 8:15.  I swear he will never let me hold a PR in this house! ; ) It's all good though, a little friendly competition keeps us on our toes : ) 

 This week we've got our big 20 miler and then it's finally taper time, THANK GOODNESS! I'm so ready for short easy runs.

Here's my workout summary:

a fast 5 miles at a 1 incline: avg pace 7:57 (this is the run that sparked the shin pain)

8 miles on the treadmill, shins were bugging so I dropped the incline to 0. avg pace: 8:31

5 miles on the treadmill, 0 incline because of my shins. Avg pace: 8:41

12 miles outside: avg pace 8:20- my shins and knees definitely felt it after this run so I took the next 2 days off and have been going easy ever since.


  1. Don't worry Becca, I'm GUARANTEED to NEVER hold a PR in my house! At least for you there is a chance :) Good job on all your training and good job backing off when your legs started to hurt. You'll be grateful you did when race day comes!

  2. Just try to get pregnant before the marathon, that will help you avoid your monthly! Ha!

  3. Wow, great time on your 12mi run! As for the monthly, yuck. Mine started on the day of a big race for me too. Here's my TMI - I had some major damage after having my two kids and now during my time of the month, all of the muscles down there get really weak because of the hormone shift and it makes for some very uncomfortable runs at times! I totally don't know if this applies to you or not, but I've used the Pill to delay a period before...maybe an option?

  4. Ahhh story of my life. The shins. It's great that it hasn't bothered you until this point. I'm sure the new shoes will do the trick. And I know it sounds kinda abra cadabra, but I swear Kinesio tape works. I found a tutorial on youtube by a sports trainer/therapist guy for the type of shin splints I get and I thought it really helped. Although I haven't done that this time around, I don't know why. And um... huge calves? Please, Becca. Please. I'll show you huge calves! ;)
    Yeah running a marathon with a tampon sounds no bueno. I like the get pregnant right now idea. haha... jk... just make sure when you post your race results on Facebook you say, "And I did that while I was on my PERIOD fools!" haha... hopefully you miss it by a couple days, but if not, it will be ok. You've overcome lots of other obstacles, you will overcome that one, too!

  5. Your personal and running blogs are great. Lot of great pics, cute kids, fun adventures and great running inspiration. Keep it up!

  6. Hope the shins are feeling ok. Maybe some ice will help? Love that you can wear your husbands compression sox ;) good luck with the upcoming 20!!