Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A few concerns

As the marathon gets closer I'm feeling like a nervous wreck. I think I would be much calmer if my legs were 100 percent but they definitely are not. I'm still working through the ITB syndrome. After Saturday's run my IT bands were shot. Sunday I iced and stretched and on Monday I tried to run 3 miles. I finished it, but it hurt. The first mile and a half was especially painful. I went in for another ART treatment and more physical therapy today. The Dr. even brought out the ultrasound machine and did a treatment with that to loosen up the tissue around the IT bands that's keeping them so tight. I definitely feel an improvement after that intense little session but they still hurt. (the stairs are the worst, I have to go down them backwards)

So yeah, I'm a little concerned about Saturday but the Doctor is confident that I can finish as long as I take it slow and steady. In the mean time I'm taking it EASY. Today I was supposed to do 4 miles but I think I'm just going to do it on the elliptical to give my legs a break. Tomorrow I will run 2 miles and then no more running until the race.

Also on the concerns list, (and sorry if this is TMI) but being a girl I have to deal with the "monthly visitor" which I'm pretty positive will make it's unwelcome appearance sometime within the next three days. awesome. I really don't want to run 26.2 miles with that going on, but what can you do?

And finally, while I'm having my little freak out moment, I noticed today that the back of my heels are looking a little raw and now I'm worried I'm going to get blisters during the race. Hopefully I can prevent them but still, a cause for concern.

So now you know what's keeping me up at night. I'm excited for the race but boy will I be relieved when it's OVER!!


  1. Okay ... I have no idea about this running thing ... I barely make it up the stairs ;-) ... but I think something (or someone) else has you. YOU CAN DO THIS! No more freak out moments! No more thinking about your "monthly visitor" ... at least you don't have to cross the swamps, plains and mountains wearing petticoats, wool skirts, etc. You have prepped and you are ready. You rock and are an inspiration to so many. I cannot wait to hear about your success! GO GIRL! GO!!!!

  2. Oh man... I understand your concerns, especially the IT bands. Just take it one mile at a time, and hang in there! The period thing... my sister has endometriosis and she's worried about the cramping making it's ugly appearance the weekend of the marathon too... just take a bunch of ibuprofen I guess? That stinks. Ok the raw heels, I can definitely make some recommendations on that one- do you have any chafing powder or liquid? I got some before the 10 miler (it was like a wet wipe) and wiped it all over my heels before the race. I also bought some crazy expensive $12 socks that went a little higher than my usual ankle socks to keep my achilles scab from breaking open too and it all worked perfectly.
    Alright Becca, GOOD LUCK, I will be thinking about you all weekend! You can do it!!

  3. Becca, You are seriously my inspiration! You are what has motivated me to run everyday. I think "if Becca can..." I have already thought all the way to October and thought oh no, it will be about that time of month. What to do?! Good luck this weekend. We are rooting for you!

  4. and, you will do it!!!! see you tomorrow!