Monday, June 1, 2009


Today I veered from the schedule a little and decided to do a shorter run and my strength training routine. I got on the treadmill and did a warm up mile at a 10 minute pace and then did speed intervals every 1/4 of a mile. So I'd run one lap (0.25 miles)at 6.5 miles per hour (9:34 min pace) and then one lap at 7.5 (8:00 min pace) and kept rotating like that for 2 miles. On the last mile I kicked it up and ran my speed laps at 8.0 miles per hour (7:30 min pace) and that was fast for me! Thought I'd get shot off the back of the treadmill at one point. Anyway, I stopped after four miles but still felt like I got a great workout. Intervals really make you sweat!

Then I did my little strength training routine with squats, lunges, wall sits, planks, push ups sit ups, stuff like that. It was a good work out.

Also, on a random side note, I downloaded some new power songs for my iPod and they totally fueled my work out! So if you're looking for some good songs here are two I recommend:

Move Along: All American Rejects (thanks for the suggestion Darci!)
Umbrella (Travis Barker Re-mix) Rihanna (this remix is awesome!)


  1. That is funny, I JUST hung up with my mom and she was trying to convince me about how important speed work and interval training are (have I told you about my mom? she was a world-class runner back in the 60's and was in the '68 Olympic trials... too bad I didn't get those genes!). Anyway, I was thinking about whether I should do that or not and I read this. And it does sound like a good workout... I should probably try it. :) Thanks for being a good example.
    Oh yeah, and thanks for the song recommendations, I'm constantly thinking I need better music. I'm gonna check them out!

  2. 10 mintue miles is a warm up for you?? That's my jogging pace (I dare not use the word "running") - I'm definitely not built for running. Give me a pool any time!

    So do you have a treadmill at home? or do you go to the gym?


  3. Tara I can't believe your mom was in the Olympic trials! What event did she run? WOW! She must be an awesome resource for running advice!

    Norma you could kick my trash in the pool any day so who cares if 10 minutes is your jogging pace. Seriously, Taber and I tried swimming and I couldn't even do one lap and back without stopping to catch my breath. Tough workout! I don't have a treadmill at home so I have to go to the gym. It doesn't have childcare though so I either have to go early in the morning, late at night, or do a swap. Always a little trickier to work out when you have kids!

  4. There was a set of "songs" that we used to listen to in Hawaii before league softball games. We ripped them from a Nintendo or Playstation game "Mortal Combat".

    As you can imagine, they were pretty intense. They weren't an album, but background music for the game. Got us pumped every Tuesday night!