Thursday, July 9, 2009

Numbers (for Mel)

My friend Melinda wanted more specific numbers on my weight loss so here you go. I started out at 154 lbs. and on the day of my marathon I weighed 126.2 (I was shocked to see the distance of the race on the scale that day, talk about a crazy coincidence!) So total weight loss was 28.2 lbs.

I also went from barely squeezing into size 12 jeans to comfortably fitting into a size 4. I wish I took measurements to see how many inches I lost but I guess I wasn't thinking ahead. Anyway, so there you go, running does a body good.

I will say though that as I really increased my miles at the end I didn't lose any weight. My skinny clothes started fitting better but the scale didn't move. I think that's mostly because of adding muscle (which weighs more than fat) and because I was so hungry that I ate ALL the time! Now my problem is that I'm only running about 10 miles a week but I still want to eat like I'm running 30! Guess I better make some adjustments there : )


  1. That's excellent, Becca! Yay for you!
    I've been running since a freshman in h.s. (13 years ago!) and have always weighed within 5 pounds of what I did then.
    I never found that running more made me lose weight...just has kept me maintained and toned.

  2. Becca! I had NO idea you were training for a marathon, or running at all. I wish I had been following this blog all along. Congrats on reaching the finish line. And good luck in the Ragnar next month. I just did the LA Ragnar in April and loved it. Enjoy!

  3. so i am not the only one eating like we are still running 30+ miles per week? fffeeeeewwww...

    congrats on the weight loss. you are an inspiration to many! how are things going for you? when is the rangar?

  4. There is now way you were wearing a size 12!!! I don't believe it! LOL

  5. I'm telling you girl, you are such an inspiration! I am having SO much fun running, but I have developed bursitis in my knees. Hopefully I can take care of it soon so I can get back out there.

  6. You started at 154, my wieght for the best part of the past year (70 kg)!

    I'm glad I never have to give birth...that baby weight sticks with you huh?!

    I was tipping the scales at a bit over 75 kg a year ago when we did a little trip up north with Pae's family. I ate some bad stew and ended up losing, in one week, 6 kg or over 13 lbs. It's never come back yet, but around the same time we were working out more often.

    Ever pick up 13 lbs of meat at the grocery store???? Can you imagine 28.2 lbs of bacon in your grocery cart??? Try it next time you go! AMAZING huh? We actually buy grilled pork by the tenth of a kilogram here as a weekend snack at the market...once or twice we went with the whole kilogram (couple lbs)...the bag of meat is just huge.

    Keep on runnin', the health benefits are so worth it!

    Love ya sis, take care,

  7. I didn't know you had this blog! I love it! I cannot believe that you have lost that much weight. Way to go! You are my hero...really... seriously.

  8. Wow, almost 30 pounds! That's amazing. I sadly haven't really lost any weight (too much candy I guess). And I've had to take a lot of time off for this stupid injury and I still want to eat whatever I want too so I gotta be careful! Anyway, that's a big deal, size 4 is teeny!