Sunday, July 12, 2009

Slowing down to speed up

3 weeks now since the marathon and I'm finally starting to feel like I'm getting my legs back. It's been a slow process getting back. I've only been doing 3 mile runs a couple times a week and they've been hard. My IT bands have been really tight and last Wednesday they hurt so bad I limped through the first mile. I went in for a deep tissue massage and have been doing lots of stretching and resting.

On Saturday I ran 6 miles which is the farthest I've gone since the race. I started out really slow, about a 10:30 minute pace. I kept that up for the first three miles and the longer I ran the better I felt. each mile I felt like I could go a little bit faster. The coolest thing is that for the last 1/2 a mile I was running! almost sprinting, and I didn't get tired or feel any pain. I haven't "flown" like that in forever! I was surprised my legs could do it! I credit it mostly to the fact that I slowed down for the first half of my run so my legs and IT bands really had a chance to warm up and get loose. I also did a lot of stretching before and after. Anyway, it was exciting to have a good run and to feel like I'm still in the game.

Also on a happy recovery note, Taber ran 7 miles on Saturday. That's the most he's been able to run since his injury 2 months ago. When he first got hurt he couldn't even run 1 mile. He had to take 3 weeks off running and has done some physical therapy and lots of streching and icing and strengthing. He's really been careful as he's eased back into it. Slowly increasing his miles each week, sticking to his rest days, and not pushing his pace. It's been awesome to see him running again and to know that there's a light at the end of the injury tunnel.

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  1. Becca thanks so much for your encouragement- it means a lot. I need to hear it, I've been getting a bit on the discouraged side lately.
    I'm so glad to hear Taber is running long distance again. I have thought about him a bunch since I got injured and how positive he was about the whole thing- I honestly marvel at it because I have really been having quite the pity party (if you can't tell from my blog!). I remember when he babysat all those kids while you did your big run (the 20 miler I think) and I can only imagine how depressed I would have been that day if I were him! So yeah, your advice and encouragement and Taber's example have been awesome, thanks.
    That is so great you got to run your heart out again. I can't wait to have that feeling again!