Sunday, July 19, 2009

Slack attack!

Wow, last week was BAD as far as running goes. I ran a grand total of 7 miles! Yikes! I don't have a good excuse either. My legs are fully recovered and I'm totally back up to speed and everything. I think I was just in a little bit of denial about my next race coming up in just over 30 days. It's a relay race that covers 200 miles and is split up in legs between 12 runners. Each runner does three legs in a 24 hour period (meaning I'll run one of them in the middle of the night) Anyway,I thought, "oh it won't be so bad, I ran a marathon after all, I can just slack off a little and be fine. Well then we had a team meeting yesterday and I was assigned my route. Here's what it looks like (They assign you miles for each leg and then a level of difficulty according to elevation and distance):

Leg 1: 8.3 miles/very hard
Leg 2: 7.5 miles/very hard
Leg 3: 3.9 miles/moderate
Total distance: 19.7 miles!!!

Aye aye aye! For some reason my team thinks I should run the 2nd longest and most difficult route (My brother in law Kevin is running the #1 longest and hardest leg haha!) Guess after you run a marathon people have higher expectations of you. That's a good thing though. I've been needing a boost in motivation lately and this is it! Now that my route is assigned I know exactly what I'm up against and I'm ready to work for it! Yeah!!! So good bye slack attack! I'm ramping up the mileage this week and back into full training mode! WOO!


  1. wow Becca. Sounds like fun and torture at the same time. Where is this race?

  2. you will have to let me know how this goes. not sure i could run in the middle of the night. is the hubby running this too? how do you know 12 people? i'm not sure i know 12 people that are that crazy! :)

  3. Norma: The race starts in Wisconsin and ends in Minneapolis. It's called the Great River Ragnar Relay. They have a bunch of them all over the country, one of the most popular ones is in Utah. Anyway, should be a good time!

    Jess: Yeah hubby is running too. All the crazy people who are running with us are from church.(except my brother in law Kevin, who lives in Chicago and brings a whole new meaning to the term crazy runner)We have 5 couples running and then Kevin and a guy from church who's wife doesn't run. We have a few who are really good runners but mostly we're all just there to have fun. I heard it's more of an overnight adventure with 12 or your friends than a race. : )

  4. Ok, I read relay race and I am thinking pass the baton back and forth a few times around the track. Umm, this sounds like torture. Running in the middle of the night?! Whew!

  5. I have heard of these relays. Yikes! It seems like a whole new ball game to run three times in such a short amount of time like that. I am excited to how it goes!