Saturday, March 20, 2010

8 mile Provo Canyon adventure

Here are some cool pics from my 8 mile run with Kevin a couple weeks ago when I was in Utah.
Since Kevin normally runs 3 times faster than me, going at my pace gives him plenty of time to goof off and take pictures. I'm glad he did because the trails we ran were absolutely beautiful.
The weather was a chilly and I forgot to wear gloves so that's why my hands are tucked into my sleeves. It was a sunny morning though and there were lots of runners on the trails.
I loved being in the shadow of the mountain. I miss the mountains SO much! The elevation was KILLER though, and I really struggled in the beginning.
Kevin just zipped along like it was nothing. But he never pushed the pace (at least if he did I didn't notice) and he was nice enough to walk for a brief stretch about 3 miles in when I needed to catch my breath.
at mile 3.5 the path was no longer plowed. There was a sign that said stay off the trails during the winter or somthing like that. But Kevin was like, "Oh don't worry, we're just going to run in the snow for a little while, it will be easy."

Easy for him maybe, but I thought running in the snow was hard! One of my friends trained for a marathon all winter and did quite a few long runs in the snow. After going half a mile I have NO idea how she did it! It was worth it though when we got to the falls.
Kevin decided he needed to take a glory picture standing on the rocks in the water fall. He made a treacherous climb on a steep snowy hill in SHORTS! Of course he fell through the snow and his poor legs got an unexpected ice bath.
He did get his Glory Shot
But he paid a price! Not only did he fall in the snow, he also got attacked by a burr bush. He might've fallen in the water on the slippery rocks too but if he did I don't think I'm supposed to tell anyone that ; )
After our photo op stop we headed back and the way out of the canyon was downhill so we had a much easier time coming back. All in all the run was tough for me, much harder than my last two long runs that were further in distance. Still, I had a lot of fun, laughed pretty hard and got to enjoy a giant jug of chocolate milk courtesy of Kevin who claims it is the best recovery drink out there. Hey, if Kevin says it, I believe it!

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