Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back from the Vineyard and Trying to get back on plan

When it comes to disciplined eating I can be pretty dang good when I want to be. Put the most tempting thing in front of me and I won't even flinch.

But we all have our weaknesses, and mine is vacation eating. When I go on vacation my discipline goes on vacay too. So yeah, let's just that Martha's Vineyard was amazing, and my calorie consumption was amazing as well : )

Taber's company paid for "professional" babysitters to watch our kids so we could go out to a fancy dinner with his leadership team. Fancy food is another weakness. It just seems like if someone is paying that much for your dinner, you should eat all of it right?

And you've GOT to have dessert. Vacation without dessert is just wrong.

So yes, I didn't go to my WW meeting last week, I didn't count any points, and I didn't dare step on a scale because I'd rather not know what was going on with those numbers : )

I DID manage to fit two runs in while we were there. a short 2 miler on the treadmill and a 5 mile run outside. Martha's Vineyard has tons of great running trails and it's super flat, so I felt like I was hauling and really loved running outside.

I also ran around with the kids on the beach so that's gotta count for something too. I'm counting it anyway ; )

Now that we're home though I'm trying to get back on plan. It's been hard. We were eating out for almost every meal so your stomach gets stretched out and you start getting used to salty, fried, and fatty foods again. And the sugar, oh the sugar!! Boy did I got hooked on that stuff again. We got home on Sunday and I've had dessert every night since (and we're talking real desserts like cheesecake and cookies) yeah, gotta get that under control again too. Basically I'm okay with the fact that I splurged on our trip and ate what I wanted without stressing out. But now that we're home I really want to reel it in and get back under control. Not to mention my race is this Saturday so it's probably good if I'm eating healthier for that. Gotta do it.

Exercise summary for last week:

Monday: ran 3.1 miles on treadmill 9:05 pace

Thursday: ran 2 miles on treadmill 9:45 pace

Saturday: ran 5 miles outside 9:26 pace

And here's a quick and easy lunch idea:

Mushroom and onion quesadilla: Weight watchers points plus: 5
1 whole wheat flour tortilla
1/4 cup reduced fat Mexican blend cheese
2-3 mushrooms sliced
1/4 cup diced onion
salt to taste

Spray pan with butter spray and saute mushrooms and onions adding salt to taste if you want.
Fill tortilla with cheese and mushroom/onion mix. Cook in pan on both sides till cheese is melted and tortilla is crisp. Serve with salsa. YUM!


  1. You are right! Vacation without dessert is wrong, especially when the dessert is as beautiful as that one. I hope you enjoyed every bite. You look great! I want to run a 5k after reading all your running posts :)

  2. mmm this looks so good! Love the pics at the top!

  3. Hiya lady! Having someone pay for my dinner is the HARDEST PART about traveling for work! I mean, if I can order anything with my meal allowance, I might as well get the dessert, right? :-) Your kids are cutie-patooties!

    I'm actually guest blogging next week on Katie's blog (http://runthisamazingday.blogspot.com) about how to continue training/eating well while on the road! If only I'd posted that before your trip...

  4. Ah Becca, your post hit home :) I have been trying hard to stay awesome and on my eating plan that includes NO SUGAR......I did good until the other night...LOng story short..Thought I had thrown out all the leftover Easter candy & go so happened to find a bag in my closet that was forgotten..It was mini reece's PB cups!!! I literally was like a crazy person possibly a wrapper was left on one but did I notice...NO! So here's to not beating ourselves up when about 98% of the time we ROCK it!!!xoxo

  5. Great post Becca. That sounded like a fun trip. You know, sometimes you absolutely have to throw the rules out the window and just enjoy life and eat dessert first! Then get back to rockin' the plan, which it sounds like you are doing.