Thursday, May 5, 2011

Much better

Well after my .6 gain from last week I really buckled down and tracked everything I ate. Today I was rewarded when I went to my weightwatchers meeting and saw that I had lost another 2.6 pounds! Yay! I am almost out of the 140's! It took me a couple months but I'm .8 away from entering the 130's. Happy little milestones. : )

The topic at our meeting was dining out while staying on plan. There were some good tips, like research the menu before you go and find a healthy option to order before you get there and are tempted by all the other sights and smells. If you can't find a menu our leader said to skip the breadsticks and avoid the 4 C's: creamy, crispy, cheesy and....uh...hmmm... Guess I forgot the 4th one! Sorry. She also said that restaurants serve massively oversized portions and it's always a good practice to either split a meal or have your waiter split it and wrap up the other half before they bring it to you. Oh and apparently a lot of places cook their meat/steaks in butter, so you can ask them to prepare it without butter and then choose steamed veggies or salad with low fat dressing as a side. Good stuff.

I'll do my running summary on Saturday, but I'll leave you with a recipe! This is what I had for lunch today : )

Asian Chicken Salad Wrap: Weightwatchers points plus: 7

1 whole wheat tortilla wrap
2 cups of mixed greens
3 oz grilled chicken breast
1 tbsp almond slices
1/2 cup mandarin oranges
1 tbsp Newman's own lowfat Asian dressing

Just throw all the ingredients on the tortilla , wrap it up and enjoy! It's super delish! You can add another tbsp of the dressing and it's still the same amount of points (2 tbsp is only 35 calories) but I found it a little much to have 2 tbsp. You could also ditch the tortilla and have it as a salad for only 5 points.

Here's a pic with the ingredients. I used the oscar meyer deli fresh grilled chicken strips as a short cut to make it faster.



  1. Great job Becca! I think the last time I was out of the 140s was when I lost 5 pounds from puking my guts out the first trimester with Anna.
    I can totally relate to your last post too! There's a total panic/freak out moment when you don't know where your kid is! I'm so paranoid that one day I'll find Katie face down in our pond...but always more scared of someone taking them.
    Congrats on your hard work!
    (Are you putting this blog into a blurb book too? Just curious because some of your posts could go for either blog.

  2. 2.6!!! That's freakin' awesome!!! Way to keep up the great hard work!!! You are looking awesome!! And seriously 9.09 miles...I have a running idol and her name is Becca sorry Rigg :) Keep it up, you are a huge motivator for me! Thank you for blogging your journey! I look forward each week to hear about it!!