Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Festivities

Had another solid running week then capped it off by partying hard with el Guapo and los ninos.

That's right, my kids are 1/8th Mexican so we couldn't let the day go by without a little fiesta ; ) I busted out the old decorations from my Spanish teaching days, plus a few new ones from iParty and put on a little Merengue music.

Taber picked up some Mexican food from La Carreta and the party was on!
We kept the good times rolling on Friday by heading up to Lake Winnipesaukee for Taber's first race of the season. He did the Big Lake half marathon in Alton, NH and it was such a fun and well organized race! The course was challenging with lots of hills but Taber did awesome and finished in 1:50:56. Go T! (Full race report will be on the family blog later this week for those of you who follow both blogs)

Teya and Brinley got into the action too and finished their first 1K. Brinley came in dead last but look how happy she is to have that medal! I was a proud mama ; )

And Cam was there for all the fun too, even if he did sleep through most of it. Here's a pic of his newest trick. Big Boy Camden sitting up in the Bumbo. He'll be 4 months old next week! How has 4 months gone by already?

Anyway, lots of fun staying up in the white mountains and even with our little road trip I did pretty good staying on plan (minus the kettle corn and a few of Taber's buffalo wings, too good to resist!)

We're off to Martha's Vineyard for 4 days on Wednesday so hopefully I can keep it up. Hard to be good when you're in a hotel but our room does have a kitchenette so I'll be bringing all my fav foods to help me stay on track : )

Exercise Summary for last week:

Monday: ran 2.75 miles on treadmill 9:09 pace

Tuesday: 30 minutes of pilates

Wednesday: ran 2.5 miles on treadmill 9:13 pace. 20 minutes of resistance bands and yoga

Friday: ran 3 miles on treadmill 9:08 pace

Saturday: ran 5 miles on treadmill 9:24 pace
(hardest run ever! Did it late at night after driving back from Alton and eating not so great food. Felt awful during the run but proud of myself afterwards for getting it done!)

How'd your weekend go? Any tips for eating healthy and fitting in exercise on vacation?


  1. Look at you running speedy 9:00 pace! Instead of just doing a relay race...maybe you should join ME next year! :-) We're thinking of doing Reach the Beach's new May relay next year instead of the Cape Relay.... the Cape Relay is still new, so I think we want to do a better organized one for comparison.

    Oh, and eating healthy and exercising is SO HARD when you're traveling or on vacation. I always pack a ton of snacks and I don't let myself eat junky food so long as my healthy snacks are still around. And I try to wake up early knowing that if I exercise in the morning, I'll probably have time for a nap later...

  2. Your comment absolutely made my day!! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG and you and your family are absolutely stunningly beautiful!!!! I love your story of how you started running!! I couldn't resist those buffalo wings either!!!