Monday, August 3, 2009

6 together 6 alone

My last two runs were both 6 milers. On Sat Taber and I did our run together. Our friends from our Ragnar team swapped with us so they watched our kids while we ran and then we watched theirs while they ran. It was really cool to do a longer training run together and just be able to chat and hang out on our little "running date." We went nice and slow (about 10:30-11 minute pace) and stretched half way through since Taber's knee still isn't 100%. We were on some really nice trails and even went into a pretty nature preserve for a little bit. It's sounds funny, since we were both all sweaty and stinky, but there's something kind of romantic about running together. Maybe it's just being outside on the beautiful trails together, being able to talk about anything and everything, and of course seeing my husband in his athletic gear, I don't know, I just like it : )

Anyway, today I ran 6 miles again. This time by myself and staying between a 9-9:30 minute pace. I did the same lake trails I did last Monday and felt like I got a really good workout with the hills and everything. My energy got a little low towards the end but I think that's just because your body starts needing fuel every hour or so and I ran for 55 minutes. So yeah, good work out today but not nearly as fun by myself! I'm glad we'll be running together for the Ragnar in a few weeks.


  1. I guess it's like the difference between:

    "Hey babe, Think I'll go stick a needle in my eyeball."


    "Hey babe, Lets go stick needles in our eyeballs."

    Together is certainly better!

  2. Dave and I got to run 8 miles together on Saturday while my little brother watched our kids. It was so great too! I definitely prefer it.