Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Today I was fast! Maybe not compared to other runners but for me, I was booking! I haven't had a run like that in a while. I knew from the minute my feet hit the pavement that it was going to be a good run. Normally it takes me at least 5 minutes to warm up, then I need to stop and stretch because my legs have been so tight in the past. Not today though. I stepped out of my friend's house (who was watching my kids) and it was on! I starting at a 9:30 pace to warm up but when I got to my normal stretching spot I didn't stop to stretch, I just kept going. Half a mile into it my pace was 9 minutes, I hit a mile and my watch started beeping to tell me I was going faster than an 8:30 pace. I normally slow down when I hear it beep but today I wanted it to keep on beeping. I pushed a little harder and ran miles 2 and 3 between an 8:10-8:15 pace. I was sweating hard and it felt awesome. When I'd get to a hill I would sprint up it. My legs and lungs were burning but it felt so good! I know I pushed under an 8 minute mile several times during the run. My total distance was 4.3 miles, my average pace was about 8:30 (given my slower start and cool down)

Running fast is fun! My friend recently got 2nd place (and a medal) in a 5K she did. She was REALLY booking, I think her average pace was around a 7:30 minute mile. I'm definitely not even close to that right now but going "fast" today made me think that maybe someday I could be...


  1. heck yeah you could be! granted, my legs are twice as long as yours so you would need to take twice as many steps, but you could totally do it! :) isn't it so different from marathon training? i never, ever ran under a 9m/m while training for the marathon. i am starting to like it more and more, as long as my legs can handle the difference. good for you!

  2. I love days like that. They are few and far between for me and I treasure them. I think 8:30 is an awesome pace for 4 miles, I also feel like I'm really hauling if I get that pace- it feels so good! Nice job!