Saturday, August 8, 2009

Well that was a new experience!

This morning as I was getting ready for my run I noticed it was a little overcast. I thought it might rain a little but I wasn't too worried since I've run in the rain before and it was quite refreshing. By the time I got out the door though the clouds were so dark it looked more like night than morning. I put a wind breaker on just in case it rained and headed out. About 5 minutes into the run the rain started falling. I guess I was in a goofy mood because I went all "singing in the rain" and was just laughing at the sky and jumping over puddles and having a jolly old time.

But then it started to POUR! We're talking buckets of water being dumped from the sky! Add the wind to that and things started getting intense! My windbreaker was soaked all the way through in a matter of seconds. The rain stung as it pelted my face and I literally wished I had worn goggles because I COULD NOT SEE! There was so much water on my face and eyes that my contacts kept folding over. I finally just started running with my eyes closed and opening them every few feet to get a handle on where I was going. 2 miles into it my iPod shorted out. I tried to keep it dry in my coat pocket but since my coat was drenched the iPod didn't have much hope. There weren't many people on the trails (obviously) But I did see a girl running in a full on swim suit! That was funny!

Luckily after 4 miles the rain let up and by the time I finished my 6 miles the sun was shining again. Running in the rain I've done before, running in the POURING crazy torrential rain, well that was a new experience! I'm glad I made it through and have to say it definitely shook things up from the normal routine! Oh yeah, and on a happy note, my iPod survived and after drying it out and giving it a little TLC it is fully functioning once more : )


  1. lol I was laughing so hard when you got to the part about running with your eyes closed. I can totally imagine that! I know the kind of rain you're talking about, I don't see rain like that in Utah, but we had that a lot in Va- you can't see ANYTHING! I'm glad you had fun and glad your ipod survived!

  2. Good your iPod still works...although, Taber would have just won a new one for you anyways!

  3. A girl in a swimsuit? That's strange! I am so glad your ipod make it. That would have been sad! Way to go on sticking it out. I think I would have turned around.

  4. I meant, "I am so glad your ipod made it." Ooops!