Monday, August 17, 2009


I love the week leading up to a race! Especially a big one like the Ragnar, which will be more of an experience really. I had a nice week of training last week, here's what it looked like:

Mon: cleaned my house and worked on some long neglected projects. Didn't run but what can you do?

Wed: 4 solid miles on a blazing hot day. The heat was like kryptonite sucking my energy but I finished and gave myself a high five when I was done.

Thurs: 3 miles pushing the baby in the jogging stroller. Couldn't get under a 9 minute mile but wasn't trying too hard either.

Sat: Beautiful 6 mile loop that included the trails around Rice Lake. 9 minutes miles with a sprint at the end, even powered up the giant hill at the end. Thought my legs looked a little bit buffer after that. ; )

And today I ran a fast 5K (finished in 25 minutes, one of my best times!) With hills and everything. Dude! This is the week of self high fives. One more (smack!) Aw yeah!

Tomorrow is just strength training, Wednesday will be an easy 2 miles and then it's rest and RACE!!! Woo hoo!


  1. Nice! Speaking of speed demons... I only wish I could do a 5k in 25 minutes right now, geez!
    I'm so excited for your ragnar, wanna know all the details, good and bad. I know most people really love it and get hooked. I was sooo close to doing the ragnar here, but it was a little pricey and I had spent way too much on running around that time. Anyway, you're gonna do great, have tons of fun!!

  2. Thank you so much for your long distance support and motivation! I can't wait to hear all the great details of the Ragner Relay. Good Luck!!!