Tuesday, September 1, 2009

He was right, I was wrong...

Yesterday was a crazy day and I knew I wasn't going to be able to get a run in until the evening. By the time we got the girls to bed it was past 8, and already dark outside. I wasn't too worried. I mean, I ran at night during the Ragnar, I really didn't think it was a big deal. Taber however was very concerned. He reminded me that at the Ragnar I was wearing a reflective vest, flashing LED lights, and being shadowed by a biker and a van. This was different. The path I was going to run isn't well lit, in fact, it gets pitch black in places. Taber knew this very well since he's run it at night several times. I had only run it in the day though I just couldn't' imagine it being as dark as he was telling me. He urged me to run a different route that would involve 4 laps around Wal-mart. I knew that route was much better lit but the thought of running in circles just sounded blah to me. So I told him I wasn' t afraid of the dark and that I was going the other way. When he saw I had my stubborn mind set, he asked me to at least carry a small flashlight and my phone. "Deal" I said. And headed out the door.

DUMB DUMB DUMB! Less than 5 minutes into my run I knew I should've listened to Taber. It was soooo dark and creepy out there. I coudn't even see the trail at some points, and my flashlight (aka laser pointer with a teeny tiny light bulb) didn't help much. After I reached 1 mile I was running past some dark woods and I just got the sickest bone chilling feeling that I was not safe. I pulled out my phone and put my finger on the botton to speed dial Taber should anything happen to me. Sick feeling didn't go away and I started letting my mind get carried away imagining all the scary things that could be hiding in the woods waiting to attack me. I was thoroughly freaked out so I ditched my original plan, turned around and starting high tailing it back home. I ran sooo fast! I wish I had my watch on to check my pace because I'm positive it was the fastest I've ever run. I ran up the hills at full speed, letting the adrenaline push past the burning in my lungs as I ran for my "life." I finally made it back to our well lit neighborhood and started off towards Wal-mart to run the trail I should've started with in the first place.

I don't know if anything would've happend had I kept going in the dark, but I'm glad I didn't stay to find out. The sad truth is, we live in a world where people (especially women) are not always safe to go out alone at night. I know I won't be doing it again, ever! If I have to run at night I'll call a friend or go to the gym. I am thankful that the spirit warned me to turn around. I'm also thankful for Taber's warnings and next time I will just listen to him and avoid scary lung burning workouts that cause my life to flash before my eyes. : )


  1. BECCA! SCARY! I'm so glad you turned around. With what you were feeling who knows...Glad you're safe.

  2. Dude, straight out of a predictable horror flick where the girl is warned but she poopoos any hint of imminent danger...gets to the dark woods...and gets gutted by some evil glowing green eyed alien beast...

    Be careful...don't be that dumb character from the movie...you know, when she gets killed, the audience is split between feeling bad for her and feeling like "dumb b****"...

    We all have out "left my brain at home" moments...I almost drowned in Hawaii while swimming near Blow Hole the day after Hurricane Iniki. Everybody else was all, "I wouldn't go in there" but I was like "Whatever losers, hop in you bunch of chickens!"

    Needless to say I was the only idiot to jump in the violently churning waters along the sharp rocks with thousand mile per hour currents. I seriously almost died that day, probably one adrenaline rush, one final body slam from the waves against the cliff away from my last bit of energy being sapped from my body, from giving up and just drowning. That was my "dumb b****" moment...and I've had many more I'm sure.

    Glad you turned around, my sister Anne Marie had an Amber Alert for a few days back when I was in BYU because she was missing for a week. It's the worst feeling, as a brother, as a family member, to feel helpless, not knowing if the call was going to come that they had found your sister, raped and laying decomposing in a ditch somewhere.

    Sorry so gruesome, but it is reality. Sorry if this seems like I'm lecturing or not being supportive, it's actually quite the opposite. I just don't ever again want to think something bad had happened to one of my lovely sisters.

    Plus I'm sure it's much nicer running with Taber anyway!

    Love you!

  3. Don't feel bad for lecturing Chris! I totally needed it. I felt so stupid for not listening to Taber. I thought he was being silly and overprotective, but once I got out there I was like, duh!. Like I said, dumb, dumb dumb! I remember when your sister went missing, that was scary. I can't imagine what it would put Taber and the girls through if anything had happened. All the more reason to play it safe and not get caught thinking I'm invincible.

  4. I'm do glad you are safe! Sometimes I forget that as head of the household, and Priesthood holder, our husbands are entitled to receive those promptings of the Spirit on our behalf. But you are right, sometimes we forget and think we know better.

    Love ya