Monday, September 7, 2009

My favorite new running songs

Recently I've been running to some new songs that are rocking my workouts. I know everybody gets pumped by different types of music, (like I know a gal who loves to run to opera, and Taber loves to listen to audio books) but I thought I'd share this for anyone who possibly gets pumped to the same stuff I do.

Let the Drummer Kick-Citizen Cope
Angel (clean version from my best 10K album)-flipsyde
Battlefield-Jordin Sparks
Promontory-From the last of the Mohicans soundtrack. Seriously LOVE running to this song!
The Distance-Cake


  1. Cake is phenomenal ... running or not. ;-)

  2. Battlefield is on my run list too! I love having popular songs on my running list because when I hear them elsewhere it makes me think about running and motivates me to get out there! I should check out the other songs.