Monday, September 14, 2009

Split Personality

How is it that I can have such drastically different personalities residing in the same body? On one hand there's the part of me that got up at 5:30 this morning and ran 5 miles pushing myself hard. On the other hand there's the part of me that ate 2 brownies after a huge lunch and is having a hard time keeping the other 2 that are left away from my black hole of a mouth. If I can ever get my athletic side to overcome my gluttonous food addict side I will be soooo buff!!! Until then, I think of all the calories I consume everyday and am thankful that at least part of me DOES like to run : )


  1. Do you get Runner's World magazine? The editor talks about this same thing, but his take on it is that part of living and eating well includes an occasional peanut butter burger with bacon. Yeah, you have to read it to get it. :)

    I think you deserve 2 brownies after a 5 mile run. Hang in there because 4 would be over doing it. :)

  2. I've found with myself that if I deny myself of something (or even sometimes think, "I shouldn't have that") then I want it even more and tend to binge. Of course, you have to deny yourself on some level. I think the trick is to not get insane either way about it. It's about moderation. It's also about thinking why you're eating it (if you're hungry, eat something else first; if you're bored, do something else; if you want/need a treat, it's okay) and stopping when you're full. Also, studies show that if you're not getting adequate sleep, you're more likely to eat poorly.

    I'm not an authority or anything, this is just stuff I've learned. I'm sure you know all this already though. I battle with it, too, though! I LOVE desserts (and cooking)! Yesterday I ate about 3 1/2 cookies (I gave Wes a half) and the night before I ate 4 cookies plus a slice of olive oil cake (good, actually). It was one of those, "What am I doing?" moments, but I was like, "Oh well!"

    It's a constant battle, but don't let it get to you! You're a champion! :)

  3. Thanks for the words of support! Sweets are a constant battle for me, but you're right, moderation is the key! Good to know that everyone has their moments : )