Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Exercise Recap

I know we're already half way into a new week but I wanted to recap my exercise from last week just because it keeps me honest and on track to have to report it somewhere : )

Monday: I did the 1 hour Burn it up DVD from Slim in 6.  It was not as hard as it normally is and I was just feeling bored with it. Definitely was looking forward to getting my Shred it DVD.

Tuesday: I got up early and ran outside before Taber went to work. I did 3 miles at a 9:14 pace. Here's the elevation and map stuff on Runkeeper. It felt good to run outside and it's always nice to get a workout in at the beginning of the day and not have it hanging over your head.

Wednesday: I tried to do the 1 hour of Burn it up but that was one of the days I had 6 kids and I just kept getting interrupted so I finally stopped after about 40 minutes of it.

Thursday: Teya came down with a raging fever and the girl who never naps took a 5 hour nap!! So while she was sleeping I brought Brinley and Cam downstairs with me and did a speedy 3 miler on the treadmill (8:39 pace) Cam just sat in his swing and watched me. I think he actually liked it. And Brinley played with her toys and the baby. I was surprised at how well they both did and having them down there made me go faster because I wanted to finish before their attention spans maxed out.

My basement running buddies

Friday: My Shred it DVD arrived and I did level 1. It was awesome!

Saturday: Ran 6 miles outside at a 9:55 pace with my buddy Kendall who had a baby a week before I had Cam. We're both training for the Applefest half marathon in October so it's fun to have a running partner training for the same race and at the exact same fitness level. We conquered a major hill and felt pretty darn proud of ourselves. When I came home I stretched and did level 1 of Shred.

Sunday was my rest day. 6 out of 7 days working out. Felt pretty darn good about that!


  1. I think you could've just finished your post with " I did a 40 minute workout while watching six kids"... And that alone would make it one the most amazing posts in the history of the Internet!! Way to go.

    Your pace is way impressive, and getting much better! Good job!!

    I'm jealous of applefest by the way ... The give out THE best shirts ever!!

  2. I'm with Kevin! I wouldn't have even tried to work out with that many kids! Good job Bec!

  3. Love the running buddies!!! You rock :)

  4. Go Becca! Im with your bro-n-law-- The fact that with 6 kids your mind was still in "getting in shape" mode is not just impressive it could border on Loco!! lol You are my running inspiration Im pushing myself and with consistancy it's getting easier-- Do you have a preference on running shoes??

  5. Your kids are so adorable. Which JM Shred DVD did you get? I'm really liking her No More Trouble Zones but can easily see myself getting bored with it.

  6. i love that you are working out while watching so many kids! i only have the one and it's hard enough! way to go!