Monday, June 20, 2011

Rib Fest, Father's Day, Shred and Fevers....

I got off plan a little this weekend thanks to the Rockin' Rib Fest where I found the award winning ribs too hard to resist. That and they had homemade birthday cake ice cream with actual swirls of buttercream frosting! It was heaven in a waffle cone and worth every indulgent WW point it cost me to eat it.

(Taber and the kidlets on Father's Day)

I also ate a little more than usual on Father's day, partly because I was in charge of making cookies for all the Dads at church on Sunday and it's hard to bake 80+ delicious smelling cookies and not eat 4 or 5 of them yourself.  So that was that. I own it, and it may come back to bite me at my weigh in this week but I don't care, totally worth it!!

And speaking of weigh in's, last Thursday I was down another .8. Not quite a pound but close enough. I'm just glad I'm over the plateau from last month and that the scale is going downward, even if it is in tiny increments every week : )

I had a good week as far as workouts go:

Monday: Shred level 2
Tuesday: Shred level 2 and 3 miles on the treadmill, 8:41 pace
Wednesday Shred level 2
Thursday: Shred level 2 and 2.3 miles on the treadmill, 8:35 pace
Friday: Shred level 2
Saturday: 6 miles outside, 10:00 minute pace

I'm proud of myself for moving up to level 2 on Jillian's 30 day Shred DVD. It is a BUTT KICKER and I seriously want to cry when I'm doing it. I have to follow Anita (the girl doing the modified easier stuff) because I think if I was doing the stuff Natalie (the hardcore girl) does, my heart would explode and my arms would fall off. My goal though is to keep doing it every day until I can follow Natalie, and once I can do that I will consider moving up to level 3.

Saturday's long run was pretty brutal. I'd like to blame the humidity because it was disgustingly humid, but the real reason is probably just my own personal lack of judgment. I woke up Saturday morning feeling horrible.  I was achy, my throat hurt and I just felt sick. I felt like I had a fever so I took my temp and sure enough, it was 99.8. I got online to see if you could still run with a fever and I read somewhere that if it's under 101 you would probably be okay. Looking back I know I probably shouldn't have gone running, but I had already made arrangements to run with my friend and I didn't want to let her down, so I took some advil and sucked it up and ran.

The run was horrible and we had to stop and walk several times. After I got home, stretched, re-hyrdated and ate, I took my temp again and it had shot up to 101. The rest of the day I was useless. That night I woke up drenched in sweat and shivering from hot and cold chills. I was still running a high fever and my tonsils were bright red and swollen to the size of golf balls. I missed church on Sunday and Taber ended up having to pamper me on Father's Day instead of the other way around.  Feeling a lot better today but lesson learned, if you're sick, listen to your body and give it a rest. I'm sure I would've been sick either way, but I'm guessing my run didn't do much to make the situation better!


  1. There is nothing cooler that a happy dad eating BBQ! Except maybe YOU TOTALLY ROCKING THE SHRED LAST WEEK!!! And no worries about your long run dude... I wouldn't have even gone. Now get some rest and get better!

  2. Hope you feel better. (But, hey, way to power through the SHRED...I'm with you on level 2--def doing modified versions)...

  3. cute fathers day pic! and nice job on the workouts!!

  4. Soo cute for those pics. Sorry the run was not so great, but relax, get in bed and I hope you are better by now. Also I don't have your email so I could not notified that I responded to your blog entry but:

    Thanks so much for the compliment and I love that you rock out too! Yay!