Friday, June 10, 2011

Five Things Friday

1) Had my WW weigh in yesterday. Down another pound! Yay! I know it's not Biggest Loser weight loss going on over here but as a nursing mama I'm happy with the slow and steady losses.

2) Taber started his marathon training this week for the Hartford ING Marathon in October. I'm so pumped for him and also trying really hard not to be jealous! (is that bad?) It's just that part of me really wants to be crazy and sign up for it too but if neither of us can walk down the stairs like normal people for 3 days afterwards who's going to take care of the kids?  Also with both of us trying to train for a marathon I think the time commitment might be too big of a strain on our little family. So I'll just focus on my half marathon in October and train to be the best marathon cheerleader ever for T's big race.

3) Tried out my Shred DVD this morning and I LOVED it!! It goes by so fast but you're working hard the entire time. It's perfect for me because sometimes literally all I have is 20 minutes so I feel like I'm getting the most out of my time with this workout. Maybe someday I'll even have abs like Jillian! (haha! not. Don't think my genetic code was designed for abs like that ; )

4) On Monday my friend gave birth to TWINS, so I watched her 3 older girls for 4 days while they were in the hospital, topping my kid quota off at a whopping SIX kids! It was pretty intense and I didn't have much down time at all to read/comment blogs, watch any of my shows, or even workout. They went home yesterday so to reward myself for being on Turbo Mom duty I watched 3 straight hours of So You Think You Can Dance : ) I'm all caught up now and LOVE the top 20! This season is gonna be good!

(Poor Cam and Taber were pretty outnumbered with all of these girls!)

5) Taber discovered a new sort of social media type site that we're having a lot of fun with. It's, and basically it reminds me of twitter updates except all your updates are just 15 second videos shot from your iPhone. I guess that's how Shaq announced his retirement and now it's really starting to pick up traffic.  I just like it because Taber and I can swap really short video messages throughout the day that give him a peek at what the kids are doing. The site is still very new so it has lots of room for improvement, but the concept is pretty cool. It will be awesome once you can embed the little clips into your blog! I think they're working on it. For now though here are a few links to some of my touts:
My Frist Tout
Camden making the girls scream
Cam in the Pool
Becca's Tout page


  1. wow I could not diet while nursing! good for you!! I love the top of your blog here. Adorable!

  2. Great update. Sounds like a biz busy week! Love the Tout videos...very cool. I'm gonna have to show those to our kids. I'm sure they'll love it. Good luck to you and Taber on the Marathon and 1/2 training.

  3. I get you all the way on #2. It's quite a strain on the family when both parents try to run a race together. First there's all the training. It has been really hard for us to both get runs in, especially on Saturdays for the long runs, and even if we do, it kind of takes over half the day since we have to take turns. And then race day you have to ask someone to watch your kids, and let's be honest, even Grandma isn't looking forward to getting the grandkids at 5 a.m. And if you have them sleep over, that's just a big favor to ask. So much easier to take turns on races.