Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Time to dig in

So it's been over a week since my race and I haven't posted anything on here. Mostly because I've hit a plateau and it's never fun to post about that. blah. May has come and gone and in the last 4 weeks I've managed to lose only one whopping pound! *sigh* it's frustrating because I can only blame myself. I have not been staying on plan and as a result I just gained and lost the same silly pound all month long.

Since Cam was born I've made some good progress and have lost 33 of the 43 lbs I gained during my pregnancy.

Um yep, I was pretty huge.

 But I've still got that last 10 lbs hanging on for dear life and I'm ready to dig in and say adios to the maternity swim suit. 

So here's my game plan. Last month I ran 4 days a week and didn't do much else. Running is great cardio but doesn't tone the areas that have been stretched out from birthing the Chuberdoodle. 

So this month I'm going to workout 6 days a week with Sunday as my rest day. My blogging friend Lauren said that her sister lost all her baby weight from doing the Jillian Michael's Shred it DVD. So tonight I got online and ordered that sucker and it will be here in 5 days. In the mean time my goal is to do the Slim in 6 Burn it up DVD 6 days a week (which I will replace with Shred it when it gets here) and also fit a run in on 3 of those days. I know it sounds ambitious but it's better to shoot high and miss than aim low and reach your goal right?

Also I will be tracking my food better and sticking with my weight watchers points. Gotta keep on the plan!! And with that final thought I will leave you with my latest lunch obsession:

Turkey Veggie and hummus Pita: WW points plus 5

1 whole wheat pita ( I use Joseph's Flax oat bran and whole wheat pita bread, only 60 calories a pita!)
2 oz hummus
2 slices deli turkey
handful of mixed greens
sliced mushrooms
sliced bell peppers

Pile it all together, fold and eat! So good!


  1. I still need to lose 10 pounds of Katie weight. I should lose these next 10# with you. :)
    Running doesn't help me lose weight though...just maintain it. I need to add more weights to my workouts. I don't diet well (or at all), so I'll just workout a little harder.
    Good luck!

  2. Oooh! Tell me how you end up liking the Shred video! I did it only once with my sister. :-) Since it's only 20 or so minutes, you could totally add it as a "bonus workout" throughout the week!

  3. Aaaurgh! I hate the infamous 10 lb leftovers!!! I too, suffered from a worthless month of May. I spent the entire year trying to lose the last 10 lbs of Lily weight, got it off, went on a cruise, came back 12 lbs heavier, and am now stuck in a rut with no motivation! But alas, I will be calling you shortly to set up a plan of action and commiserate about our unfortunate love of all things chewable!

  4. Good luck! The Jillian Michaels DVD is brutal...makes me hurt in places that shouldn't hurt...and I work out every day!