Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Quick Update!

Last week I dug in as promised. I worked out 6 out of 7 days and stuck to my WeightWatchers points.

Well mostly anyway, had to indulge in some of this caramel corn goodness over the weekend. (don't be jealous Sarah, haha)

Still I was able to break through my plateau for a 1.4 loss and finally dipped into the 130's! 138.6 at my last weigh in. My leader said I'm just outside the higher limits of a healthy BMI for my height and age. 137 is the highest, and 109 is the lowest. We set my lifetime goal for 128. If I reach lifetime and maintain it for 6 weeks I can go to WW meetings for the rest of my life, for FREE! (as long as I stay within 2 lbs of my LT goal) Anyway, kind of exciting.

I also hit my 10% weight loss and got this cool key chain shaped like a "10" to celebrate. I worked hard for that keychain!

And while I did workout every day I wasn't ever able to fit a run and a workout DVD in on the same day. 30-45 minutes is about all I get before somebody needs mommy. I even tried waking up super early but the kids are getting up earlier and earlier with the sun so that was a bust.  Also Taber started his marathon training this week for the Hartford Marathon in Oct. so we're trying to balance our work-out times and taking turns watching the kids. It's tricky and sometimes it's all I can do to squeeze in a 20 minute turbo run somewhere.  

This picture is a perfect example of the craziness. Taber was out running at 6am, so I put on a DVD in  my room to work out to. I got 30 minutes into it and Teya woke up and wanted me to do her hair for preschool. Did that, got back to it and Brinley woke up.  She decided to feed the dog, right where I was working out. Than Cam got up so I brought him in and tried to finish my push ups and butt presses while entertaining him underneath me. Taber walked in to find me working out with a dog in my face and all three kids climbing around me.  He laughed and I told him to take a picture so I don't forget the craziness of this stage of life.

My Shred Video got here TODAY so I'll be giving that a go tomorrow. Can't wait! Also I have my WW meeting tomorrow and think it will be another good weigh in. 

I'll leave you with some yummy summer food ideas from my lunch last week

Penne pasta salad with mixed green salad and whole wheat crackers with Taboule.

Pasta salad: WW points plus 8
1 cup cooked penne
2 Tbs Newman's own light lime vinaigrette
1/8 cup garbanzo beans
1 Tbs Feta cheese
diced tomatoes
diced red onion
diced yellow pepper

Toss ingredients together and eat chilled.

Just bought the taboule from Costco, that stuff is awesome!! and the salad is just mixed greens with diced carrots, peppers, mushrooms and almonds with the TonTon Ginger dressing from Costco. I absolutely could not live without that stuff. Only 20 calories a serving and insanely delicious!


  1. Bec you amaze me! I'm totally proud of your motivation last week! Keep it up man! And thanks for the recipe too! :)

  2. Bec your food always looks so delicious. I love the picture Taber took for you. That's how I feel when I work out. Micah always wants to be held so he ends up being my weights. Too funny. Way to go on WW and I can't wait to hear how your shred dvd goes. Super excited for you.

  3. New follower here... The chaos in your photo is awesome! You are super-mom still whipping out the pushups/plank/?? This should go in a parenting magazine somewhere!

    You're gonna love the Shred. :)

  4. Go Becca! Go Becca!

    I seriously just bought the Shred DVD from target last week. I haven't tried it yet. Im digging Bethenny's yoga dvd right now. Also, I didn't lose the last 10 until I stopped nursing. Are you a "nursing makes me lose weight" mom or a "nursing initially makes me lose weight but then it keeps my weight on come hell or high water until I stop" mom. I am the latter.

  5. Wahoo, good job! I'm obsessed with taboule--such a good way to add flavor to things.

    You're doing great with the proud of you! That goal is totally within your reach.

  6. Way to rock it. Great week. Life is crazy with all the little munchkins, but it just goes to show that even busy parents can fit in health and fitness into the daily schedule. It just takes making it a priority. Tasty looking food, too...especially the caramel popcorn :)

  7. thanks for the sweet and supportive comment on my last post. I love to hear from other moms. You look great. 128 is my lifetime ideal weight and goal too!