Thursday, May 14, 2009

Okay okay! I'll start cross training!

With just over 5 weeks to go before the marathon I've been feeling the need to step it up in the cross training area. Since we started this whole training program I have faithfully done every run required, even running on vacation and when I was sick. But on the flip side I think I've missed almost every cross training session on the schedule. Oops! being the inexperienced runner that I am I figured the runs would be enough to get me through. Well I found out during our 18 miler that running isn't enough.

So, today I met with a personal trainer who developed a program for me to really strengthen my legs (especially my quads), my lower back, arms, and core. I told her I was a busy mom who can't always get to the gym so she focused on using medicine balls, arm bands, free weights, and other strength building exercises that don't the require use of a machine.

The program she had me do was awesome! It had a lot of simple things like wall sits, planks, lunges, and squats, but just having them organized in pairs and knowing exactly how to do them was great. She also had me do some new things with an exercise ball and free weights that I think are really going to help me. I told her to go easy on me because of our half marathon on Saturday but by the end of our session my arms and legs were shaking. Oh well, if I'm sore tomorrow at least it's a rest day so I can take it easy and recover. I'm pretty pumped about this new routine though and I know that if I do it consistently I'll be a lot stronger and more prepared for those long runs!

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