Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Taber suffered a frustrating setback this week when he injured his knee at last week's half marathon. I think it was a combination of running too soon and too hard after our 18 miler and not warming up before the half. He said around mile 6 he was starting to feel pain in his knee but he didn't realize how bad it was until he crossed the finish line. Immediately he started limping and went to get some ice. He went to the Doctor on Monday and was told to stay off of it for a week and only do light training. As you can imagine this was a huge blow since right now is the climax of our training when we're supposed to be doing our longest runs.

We are trying to stay positive though this and just really working on getting him better. He's been wearing a knee brace, icing it every few hours and taking Aleve. Next week he'll probably ease into some cross training. Thankfully he has a great base with all the miles he's already put in so I feel like he'll be able to bounce back just fine. Right now the goal is to take care of his body and not worry about anything else.


  1. It's hard to keep a good man down...that's what they say right? Taber will be up and at 'em in no long as you keep him to "light training" for now.

    It sucks when you WANT to get out there and log some miles, but the knees won't let you! Pae suffered with a bad back the past three months which threw our workout routine into serious, well, nonexistence!

    Get better T and Becs, lesson, especially with teh big one coming up soon...warm up and ease into the race!

    p.s. will you have a pace group for the marathon? what is your time goal? I'd assume that for your first one, finishing would be a great goal! hahahah!

  2. Of course it's right at the height of training, that sucks! Hope it heals quickly!

  3. i am reading this on my side with an ice pack under my hip. setbacks stink! but you are right, he has enough miles logged to get back in no time.