Thursday, May 7, 2009


We were supposed to do 5 miles and strength training today but I just kept putting it off and putting it off. I thought maybe I'd do a work out DVD for my strength training while Brinley took a nap but I ended up working on my lesson for Sunday instead (which is probably a good thing) By 4pm I realized the strength training probably wasn't going to happen today but maybe I could get my run in after the kids went to bed. It stays light until 9p.m. so I figured I had time. I got the girls in the bath by 6:30 thinking I'd have them in bed by 7:30.

Teya had her own ideas though. She got super hyper after her bath and it took us forever to get her dressed, brush her teeth and get her settled down. When we tried to get her to go potty one last time she threw a huge tantrum which woke up Brinley and things just got a little chaotic. Anyway, by the time the girls got to bed it was 8:30. By the time I got my running clothes on it was 9 o'clock and dark outside. Since I am a girl and not that good at karate I don't feel comfortable running outside when it's dark so I decided to go to the gym. Lame!

I hate running on the treadmill but that's what I get for procrastinating. I did 5 miles, finished in 44 minutes and 14 seconds. Half way through the first mile I got a pinched nerve in my lower back that never went away. It was a pretty torturous run but I just tried to block out the pain with my mind and get through it. Afterward I limped over to the stretching area and did some yoga stretches and some pilates. That helped the pinched nerve but this is the second time that's happened so I'm thinking about scheduling a visit with the chiropractor. Anyway, tomorrow is just a cross training day so maybe the break from running will help too. We shall see...

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  1. Hey Becca! It's Sommer (McCombs) Hovey- I saw your blog on my sister Crystal's blog a little while ago and have been pouring over your running blog! I am so proud of you! You look amazing and are doing an awesome job! I hope I can find an exercise that I'll love as much as you love running! Say hi to Taber for me-oh yeah your kids are SOOOOO CUTE!!!!